How to identify the best mobile app development company?

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Outsourcing your project is a nightmare, you would never know what you will get until the end of the development, make the wise decision before hiring the best mobile app development company.

Here are the things you should look when choosing a mobile app development company.

  1. Geography: First and foremost you need to select the geography region, that is if you are in India pick an Indian firm and a firm close to your city or state. If you are capable enough to manage team remotely then your options are wide enough to pick the right team.
  2. Size of the Team: — In my past I outsourced a project to a 10 member company, communications were smooth, great progressions but once I cross the half-mark, my project was slowed down for no reason and I was in dark. It took 3 to 4 weeks to figure out that they replaced a junior guy because they got a new client. A company with 50 plus will have more good developers, talk to couple of them before awarding the project.
  3. Point of contact: — Never restrict yourself to one point of contact, what if that one quits? make sure you talk to a bunch of them and know your whole team. Invite them for video calls, Spend a lot of time during your first call or the second call to understand how much they understand your thoughts, most of the time communication is the great barrier. If they are close-by do not hesitate to make a visit to know them well. Spending your time on phones and video calls should definitely solve the problem.
  4. Engagement Model: — This plays the vital role for any given project, don’t force a company to stay on a fixed-bid contract. Your work will be on their priority until you utilize the time you paid for after that you project will slow down, for a development company, only if they bill the hours they will be able to run the show. The time you paid for, could be utilized for development, time they spent with you, your project documentation, “TESTING” etc., so please make up your mind your project will never reach the complete status if you aren’t ready to pay for the hours they spend for your project. My advice is to be on a flexible mode — Maybe a hybrid model, a fixed contract plus separate SOW’s for other corrections / add-ons etc.,
  5. Price: — QUALITY / TIME / PRICE — You are only allowed to pick two from the three, never try to pick the third one, it will kill your project. Spend more time, never pressure a company for fast delivery if you want a quality work you will have to give them the time. Don’t hesitate to pay and get the best quality and fast delivery, if you expect without paying the right charges then your project will certainly fail.
  6. Shortlisting a vendor: — Never get proposals from more than three suppliers, the more you get the more you will become indecisive. Do this approach, the most successful method — Look at 10 companies, talk to 7, pick 5, get proposals from 3 and work with one. Never try to split a project and work, you are directly giving your suppliers to find reason or blame someone easily.

These are my suggestions, contact me for more of my suggestions. I gained this experience by working closely with my well experienced project manages in Ideas2IT Technologies, I will strongly say that we are the best app development company in India.