We are delighted to announce that we’ve completed the distribution of bROOBEE tokens to all users who have met the criteria for receiving bROOBEE rewards.

Bonus bROOBEE have been credited to the wallets of all users who:

You can claim…

We always value our users, and of course, we appreciate all of you amazing people that have used Roobee products at the early stages and supported our project by participating in different events.

Today, we are happy to announce that we will reward all users who’ve supported the Roobee project during its first steps on BSC and all users who’ve interacted with the new Roobee products.

We will be holding several bROOBEE airdrop rounds. If you meet any of the criteria below, then congratulations! You are eligible to receive rewards in bROOBEE tokens to your wallet!

bROOBEE Airdrop distribution (Round 1)

Below are the criteria…

The official Roobee website is Roobee.io.

1. app.roobee.io is the centralized part of the Roobee platform.

One of the key advantages of the centralized part of the Roobee platform is that users can buy investment products from the traditional market via crypto or a bank card. Roobee also allows users to invest in instruments that were previously available only to a limited circle of investors — for instance, pre-IPOs.

With each update, we add new cool features to the decentralized part of the Roobee platform. Let’s check out what’s new with this update 👀

New features and improvements:

More updates for Roobee.finance and dao.roobee.finance will be coming soon. Stay tuned ✌️

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We are happy to announce that tomorrow at 11:00 (UTC +3), Bitforex will open a ROOBEE/USDT trading pair!

To celebrate the launch of the ROOBEE/USDT pair, Bitforex will hold a special trading contest with a prize pool of 1,000,000 $ROOBEE!

📆 Contest period
Starting date: August 25, 2021, at 11:00 (UTC +3)
Closing date: September 3, 2021, at 11:00 (UTC +3)

To share the 1,000,000 $ROOBEE prize pool, join the activities below 💥

✨ Event 1. Trade, make it to the TOP-10 and win.
Trade in the ROOBEE/USDT pair on Bitforex, enter the TOP-10 list of participants by trading volume and…

Our today’s post is about ROOBEE (ERC20) and bROOBEE staking (BEP20). If you have ROOBEE tokens on the Ethereum or BSC network, you can earn yields in ROOBEE by staking your tokens.

Here are some staking options which allow you to generate yields on your ROOBEE:

1. ROOBEE staking on gate.io
Right now, the Gate.io exchange is holding a round of flexible ROOBEE deposits. If you have ROOBEE tokens on the Ethereum network, you can send them to Gate.io and start earning yields by holding ROOBEE there.

– The round will last till September 2
– APR: 35%
– Total hard cap…

We are glad to announce that the company Unicorn Tokenization Corp. has redeemed all outstanding UAIR Non-Voting Common Stock (issued in the form of UAIR tokens) due to the IPO of the Airbnb company and its listing on the Nasdaq exchange (took place on December 10, 2020).

All users who have participated in Airbnb’s pre-IPO via the Roobee platform have been credited USDT to their account balance.

We want to thank all of you for your participation and patience. We will continue to do our best to select and add only high-quality products for you to get returns on.


We are happy to let you know that Roobee DAO is live on #BSC and is now available for everyone!

Check out the Roobee DAO platform here: http://dao.roobee.finance

Roobee DAO allows users to stake bROOBEE tokens, create proposals and participate in voting rounds!

🔸 Roobee DAO in more detail:

Roobee DAO is a BSC-based decentralized platform for staking and governance proposal creation. To use Roobee DAO, you’ll need a web3 wallet (for example, MetaMask, Safepal, TrustWallet, etc.) and bROOBEE tokens.

Voting: users who have bROOBEE tokens can put forward governance proposals on Roobee DAO and participate in voting. For example…

We live in ever-changing and turbulent times to say the least, but what always remains unchanged are the regular Roobee.finance updates that offer new features and functionalities to the platform users!

The update is a small one this time. Here’s what’s new:

There will also be another Roobee.finance update released shortly! We talked about it in this post✌️

Also, we’re gearing up to launch Roobee DAO. More details will follow very soon 🔥

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The listing of ROOBEE on burgerswap.org enabled users to farm BURGER via ROOBEE liquidity provision.

If you have bROOBEE and BURGER tokens, you can add liquidity to the bROOBEE-BURGER pool and start farming BURGER. Besides earning BURGER, users also earn fees from token swaps on burgerswap.org.

➡️ You can find our guide articles on BURGER farming via the link: https://roobee.gitbook.io/roobee-eng/dex-bsc/burgerswap

Soon, we will add a similar BURGER farming pool to the ‘Farm’ section of Roobee.finance ✅

With the release of Roobee DAO, users will also be able to stake their bROOBEE on the new platform 🔥

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Roobee is a blockchain-based investment platform. Website: https://roobee.io/

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