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3 min readFeb 3, 2022


Roobinium https://roobinium.ca/ and https://roobinium.io/ is an unconventional design agency that has set out to change how clients interface with the design process. Working primarily with fintech, NFT, game development, and e-commerce clients, Roobinium has integrated expert marketing into its creative process without compromising artistic integrity.

Leading the design world towards Crypto since 2017 — Roobinium

Roobinium was created when Konstantin V. saw a gap in the fintech, NFT, game development, and e-commerce segments. The market needed a forward-thinking, globally-minded design agency.

Roobinium works with startups and experienced businesses alike. The company interfaces are grounded in visual UI solutions and UX expertise, which top-level designers achieve by combining intense marketing insights with trending aesthetics and styles.

Roobinium embraces the latest cryptocurrency trends, expressing creative and aesthetic innovations within the technological world and focusing on the futuristic aspects of blockchain technology. In short — cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk Photoshoot Backstage / Dec 10, 2018

Roobinium has mastered dark and light interface rendering. Incorporating these futuristic trends and design elements elevates customer projects and set them apart from competitors. The comfortable and contemporary design conveys a clear message to its users: “We have considered your needs and met them”.

Analysis confirms that Roobinium’s contemporary and eye-catching approach to design sets its clients apart from the competition, increasing reach and demonstrating a strong return on design investment.

An additional component of Roobinium’s formula to success is its UX/UI Creative Process. Before creating a product, the team conducts an in-depth analysis of the client’s business processes and the impact on their desired interface. Following the analysis, a strategic evaluation of industry competition extrapolates basic patterns and anti-patterns. As the team comes to a better understanding of the client’s portfolio and market position, they can tailor the product accordingly. Finally, Roobinium generates a detailed prototype of the product. The prototype is used to determine final details regarding visual and technical specifications through detailed workflow and user-centric data analysis.

Roobinium works under a collaborative model with its clients. Designers work in weekly ‘sprints’, setting milestones between the start and the final desired outcome. Each ‘Sprint’ achieves a milestone and allows clients to give feedback during the design process instead of after. This model minimizes the potential for mistakes, and when mistakes do occur, the ‘sprint’ model allows designers to rectify errors quickly and efficiently.

Roobinuim offers an array of services, including but not limited to:

— Design outsourcing support

— Creative design production

Cyberpunk Bangkok 2020 / Oct 2, 2020

— Interface UI design

— Interface UX design

— Design and development of landing pages

— Online brand concept / key visual design branding

— Creation of custom illustrations

— NFT design

— 2D/3D design

With branches of the company spread across the world, including its latest offshoot based in Toronto. Roobinium’s services are in high demand amongst international clientele, including top-level clients such as MyMetaverse, DAPS Coin, Olyseum, and more seeking Roobinium’s unique approach to design.




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