If your looking for Etobicoke flat roof specialists to help with your commercial roof we can help you to understand the various flat roofing solutions available and what pro’s and con’s each offer.

To start, we provide a no-obligation assesement to your etobicoke flat roof and present you with repair options for short, mid or long range solutions. It’s our goal to educate you about the options available and the budgets associated with each. With this information at hand you can now make an informed decision about the best roofing solution for your Etobicoke commercial roof.

If you would like to book your no obligation inspection contact us here or call directly at 437–886–4708.

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Ok so Etobicoke has a range of commercial properties and we know building owners are faced with challenging decisions every year as to what should be done with their leaking flat roof. Rest assured we do not assume what is the best option until we have had a chance to speak with you and reviewed your roof. Why? Well your intentions for the property will help determine what is the best roofing solution that not only keeps your commercial building dry but more importantly works with your planning as a building owner. …

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Recently we launched our commercial roof maintenance program for property management companies in Toronto. The service helps property management firms manage their industrial and commercial roofing repairs. Specifically, the roof maintenance program will help property management companies by performing detailed commercial roof inspections and document preventative maintenance items across their facilities.

In our experience, property management companies are looking for help with providing detailed roof condition assessments on their commercial buildings in order to forecast and plan for annual maintenance items. They require roofing repair solutions available for their buildings in the short, mid and long term projections. …

The roof maintenance service saves building owners money, provide taxable benefits, & divert a large amount of waste from local landfills.

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Gravel roof restoration coating

We’re actively promoting our roof restoration service for Mississauga commercial buildings at a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

A commercial roof restoration service can save building owners up to a third of the cost associated with full roof replacement. A roofing solution that is a welcomed option for building owners who are looking to extend the life of their existing flat roof by 15–20 years.

We had launched the service officially, summer 2017, with the successful completion of restoring several gravel flat roofs for commercial buildings. …



Commercial roofing inspections & repairs for building owners & property managers

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