Do-It-Yourself Roof Repair

3 min readMay 24, 2017


It’s surprising, and sometimes annoying, that exactly how many small things in the structure of your dwelling can make a mistake but these small things matter a lot. Whether it’s a door lock that has stopped working or perhaps a crack in the window that won’t stop the cold wind from coming in, small problems throughout the house may have a big effect. For nearly all of such issues, there’s hardly a need to take professional help. You are able to fix such things up by utilizing a little of one’s ingenuity and everyday household material lying around.

One particular household problem is roof repair. Even when it seems that the problem is a large one, you can solve it all on your own — and in fairly simple ways. Let’s see the most popular issues and their DIY solutions.

First up, you have to know that when the shingles on the roof are badly worn or damaged, it requires a complete replacement. If the roof is in a good condition overall with just a couple of problematic shingles, you are able to handle the roof replacement Brisbane yourself.

In the event of broken shingles, you can swap the broken ones with new ones. Check your store, there can be some spare shingles lying around from the last time you’d a roof replacement, or even, you are able to always buy new ones and keep the excess ones for next time. When asphalt roofing gets old, it is usual that shingles begin to curl from the corners. The best way to manage this really is to glue down the curled section and it will undoubtedly be good to go. Another case of roof repair is cracked shingles. There isn’t to replace them, instead, fix them with a roofing sealant applied first under the crack and then over it after pressing it down. Another common roofing problem may be the paint peeling from the chimney sweep. No matter what, one rain and the peel off starts. The very best solution is to install a rain cap. In around $30 you are able to keep water out from the flue.

These can also be the temporary remedies of roof repair while you’re waiting for an authorized roofing contractor. Even though the aforementioned mentioned roof repair methods doesn’t look your cup of the tea and you just want to wait until professional help arrives, you can prevent leaking with a plastic sheet and several roofing nails. Roofing paper is another material you should use to stop a leakage temporarily. That is also called roofing felt and tar paper and is better applied in layers; alternating paper and cement.

These simple repairs be sure that your roof stays sound for several years with no roof replacement proposition. Whichever method you use, make it a point out take most of the precautionary work measures such as working on the roof on a dried, sunny day so there’s no threat of slipping, using proper ladder and rubber shoes etc.