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Stem Cells

Let’s start this by getting into what Stem Cells are and what they aren’t. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Stem Cells and Stem Cell treatment and it’s important that you get the latest info.

Stem Cells have been very controversial since their inception. The controversy surrounding these “magical” treatments are primarily regarding where they come from and negative side affects that SOME Stem Cells have produced in the past.

First off, you should know that most negative side affects from Stem Cells were seen in synthetic Stem Cells. It’s speculated that synthetic Stem Cells are less “in sync” with the body’s natural processes which creates sort of an ongoing affect. Get the idea of a machine that doesn’t know when to stop. Therefore some have said that Stem Cells can cause cancer. However this has not necessarily been the case with all Stem Cells.

Amniotic Tissue Stem Cells are a much less controversial type of Stem Cell because of their more natural properties. Unlike synthetic Stem Cells, these are speculated to work in sync with the body’s natural healing processes and “shut off” when they’re supposed to.

I’ve only just begun research into this topic, but Stem Cells supposedly can “morph” into any other kind of cell. That’s why they’re used for treatment and healing. The idea is that if your body is failing to heal a particular area, the Stem Cells are supposed to help.

If you’re looking for regenerative therapy (aka regenerative medicine or Stem Cell therapy) take a look at some of the lists below. These are the best resources I can find for links to regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

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I should tell you that nothing in this article is intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any form of disease or ailment. I’m just a regular guy who has put in some research into the topic of Stem Cells and I wanted to write an article about it (consult a doctor for Stem Cell treatments and further information). I’m not a doctor.

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