Why You Should Consider Shingle Roofing for Your Home

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Aug 22, 2019 · 3 min read

When it comes to completing the roof installation for a home, shingles come in handy. These are suitable covering for pitched roofs laid in an overlapping style. In such a roof, each strip overlaps the other, when installation takes place from the bottom edge to up. The shingle roofing tiles are also known as tile strips and are available in flat, horizontal, square, and rectangular shapes. Most popular types of shingle roofs include slate, wood, plastic, or metal shingles. In short, the roof shingles are an important element of the house’s external appearance.

However, many homeowners, at times, question as to why installing roof shingles would do them any good. Let us help them understand why correctly using shingles will provide the house roof with much more than just protection. Nevertheless, before we commence, one needs to understand that shingles are easy-to-install for both experienced and novice roof repair professional.

The Advantages of Shingle Roof Products

Apart from being available in different colors, designs, and make material; given below are the significant advantages of having roofing shingles.

1. Longer Life Span

As opposed to the popular belief that shingles have a low shelf life, these can easily last for a quarter of a century with proper maintenance, and even longer. With the advancement in technology, the life span of shingle roof products has expanded significantly within the last few years, which has been useful for the roofing and tiling industry.

2. Durability

Homeowners might not know, but shingles are a highly durable choice of roof tiling. The best shingles always carry an SSA fire rating, non-rotting glass fiber base, and complete resistance to UV rays. The most important being these should always be waterproof.

3. Simple and Quick Installation

When one decides to fit the roof with shingles, as long as the necessary procedure for installation takes place, there would be no issues; provided the right material is used. The installation takes less time as compared to other roofing material. It is a significant advantage, which the roof shingles offer to the homeowners.

4. Cost-Effective

Despite being a highly reliable and high-performance roof installation tool, shingles are an affordable alternative to concrete tiles and other types of shingles. It makes it an affordable option for homeowners looking for something within their tight budget.
Although one might complete the installation quicker with shingles, they need to make follow the standard safety measures, especially when working from a height. If homeowners install shingles for the first time, then they too need to follow certain safety precautions.


We recommend one instead look for high-quality shingle roofing to keep the roof of the house intact. Shingles are an excellent choice for a safe and complete roof installation process. However, remember that an average shingle roofing job would take somewhere between one to three days, which also depends on the weather and size of the roof. Remember, the shingles are the best option to not only install the roof but also keep it fixed at one place.

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