6 Back to School Hacks We Love

by room2learn

Whoosh. The sound of summer flying by.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? As you prepare to reenter the classroom, we gathered some of our favorite hacks and designs from the room2learn platform!

Caution: inspiration overload.

Let’s take a look!

Tick Tock, Project Block!

Are students having difficulty adapting to the new school schedule? Why not incorporate the activities and timing in the clock itself, like this schedule clock from Brightworks! Chunking time allows students to understand how the day will unfold and sets them up to manage their time in activities accordingly. As the time pass, students can see how much time they have left before moving on to the next activity.

Wall Power

One of the our favorite ways of utilizing space is to provide a visual outlet for expression. Many schools, like The Khan Lab School, are taking advantage of this by incorporating a whiteboard wall into their classrooms. We love that it encourages fluidity and motion in the classroom and increases engagement by allowing for new ways of sharing your thinking.

Tech Smart

For schools that are able to provide laptops to use in the classroom, consider getting some organizers to hang on chair backs. This can allow for students to move seamlessly between online and offline. Use your display device as a Third Teacher: for example, to display instructions for students to work independently while you work closely with a small group.

We Love to Move It Move It!

At room2learn we love flexible classrooms and these mobile tables and stools are a great way to customize the classroom based on the type of activity or lesson plan. Even if the tables in your classroom don’t have casters like the ones here at Lick-Wilmerding High School, you can get some activity in by getting students involved in moving furniture.

Make Your Classroom Insta Ready

Don’t have professional equipment or space to shoot music videos in the classroom? Why not DIY your own mini photo studio like this one at NuVu Studio! Set up a flat surface with a hanging backdrop and add in some extra lighting to finish the look.

Creative Outlet

In our earlier blog post on engaged learning layouts, we shared a coffeehouse style layout. This time, we want to introduce a bar seating, like here at the Boston Public Library. This design is practical if you have a lot of natural lighting or large windows, a great source of inspiration.

Did any hack catch your eye? Why not try incorporating one into your classroom this new school year!

Fellow teachers, educators, and designers, we are going to host a #HackYourClassroom competition! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and website for more details. Got a hack or layout you want to share with us? Tag us on Instagram (@room2learn)!