By Coco Yang

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Gearing up for room2watch! We hosted a film screening of Most Likely to Succeed last summer at the Harvard i-lab.

Teacher, astronaut, doctor, lawyer, pilot. As a kid, these were just a few things I wanted to do growing up. When I started choosing classes for high school, I found my passion for learning languages and cultures, which led me to Cornell University’s Hotel School, where I’m now a proud graduate of. For me, the Hotel School was all about human connections and the desire to create memorable experiences for others. It was this desire that brought me to room2learn, almost two years ago.

I’m Coco, the Marketing Associate at room2learn. Chances are, you’ve already seen my work. Read our weekly blog posts or browsed through our Instagram page? I help curate many of these with the help of the room2learn team and guest bloggers. …

By Andy Ng

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The table wasn’t staffed, yet students still flocked to grab laptop stickers and add their info to a sign-up sheet. I walked over to see a banner reading, “Learning Space Design,” and was immediately intrigued. As an educator, I hadn’t thought critically about space design before. That was back in September 2017 at the Harvard Innovation Lab’s startup fair, and there hasn’t been a day since that I have not thought about the intimate relationship between spaces and learning.

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Ryan and Andy hard at work brainstorming the platform redesign for room2learn 2.0.

John Cary beautifully wrote that “Well-designed spaces are not just a matter of taste or a question of aesthetics; they literally shape our ideas about who we are and what we deserve in the world.” He gestures towards a fundamental value of room2learn: design matters because the spaces in which we inhabit impact learning and teaching. Spaces in which we feel accommodated and comfortable in can help us ease into new experiences. Spaces that are durable and organized help to limit distractions and allow us to focus on the task at hand. …

By room2learn

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Drumroll please… announcing the new and improved room2learn 2.0!

Back in 2015, our team of educators, designers, and engineers set out on a mission to improve student learning experiences through space design. To do so, we wanted to empower teachers to think more critically and creatively about learning space design. After months of prototyping, testing, and iterating, we are excited to bring you — our friendly educator and designer community — the best learning space search engine on the Internet.

Are you trying to teach project-based learning in a clunky old classroom? Or find a low-budget hack for organizing materials? Look no further. On room2learn, you can find hundreds of teachers tackling similar problems every day, and peek into their classrooms for actionable ideas. Explore learning spaces from around the world and filter by learning space, class size, grade level, and more. …



learning is changing, classrooms have not. let’s make room to learn!

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