Top-7 instruments for digital marketers

Analytics is not only about collecting data but about its’ further application in brand promotion. As giving advice about raising profits is impossible without marketing instruments, we’ve decided to ask our colleagues at Room42 about their favorites, and have picked out top-7 from what we’ve heard.

Similarweb — website statistics

With Similarweb you can look up general website statistics, for example, traffic volume, shares of separate advertising channels, and much more. You can either chose to use the extension which demonstrates the overall picture of traffic and user characteristics, or you can sign up for the paid service where the demonstrated data will be more detailed. Overall, Similarweb helps with insights on brand power, organic traffic, along with providing information about advertising costs in terms of different digital-channels.

Note: Similarweb registers only desktop traffic


Differture — instrument to evaluate the effectiveness of your spendings

With Differture you automatically import data about marketing expenses from Facebook, VK, MyTarget, or to Google Analytics or any other database. You’ll need this when calculating marketing effectiveness and evaluating the influence of each of the channels on overall payback from investing in marketing. One more advantage is less time spent on data analysis. Differture makes you forget about “jumping” from one advertising channel to another trying to tie the information together: everything is collected into one table in Google Analytics or a separate database right after you download it.


Semantica Extension — search engine for keywords

It’s for everyone who works with contextual ads — with Semantica it’s easy to find the right words from WordStat to set up campaigns or compose media plans.

Note: One of the downsides is that if you add the keys directly to the app, the frequency of the requests will not be displayed.


Ghostery Extension

Here you can see all of the pixels and analytics counters that are on the website. Ghostery shows them to you right as you enter the website. Later, it will be less complicated for you to adjust the work you’ve planned with various instruments and to know, which pixels and counters are yet to be implemented. Will be useful for marketers who want to know what their client needs to add on their website, but don’t enjoy searching for the information manually.


Google Ads Editor & Yandex.Direct Commander — editing and setting up advertising campaigns

Convenient apps to conduct contextual ads. Both services function similarly and are made for the same activities, but different advertising channels. They’re simple-to-use but have their own features just like every tool out there.


Publer — search engine for your competitors’ ads

Publer shows you the visual ads of your competitors. Why do you need it? To understand evolving advertising trends in your field and critically assess your own ideas. Use it to avoid “copycatting” already existing tricks and to get insights for new campaigns.


Parser for finding Youtube-channels by keywords

It composes lists of suitable Youtube-channels based on keywords and topics. As a result, you get comprehensive information about each of the videos, such as publishing date, video name, channel name, video id, its description and tags. It’s useful when setting up targeted campaigns, promotional videos, or banner ads for desktops.


Hopefully, you found this article useful. Please leave your top-instruments in the comments.



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