Harvard Republican Club Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump
Harvard Republican Club

For over 20 years; Right Wing media and ‘conventional wisdom’ has inoculated Republican voters from facts on the ground or changing circumstances with screams of “Mainstream Media” Bias; and “Universities are Liberal”; In order to prevent anybody changing their mind from facts unless News Corp and Fox said so. Where 8 attacks on Diplomatic compounds and 64 dead under Bush are ignored; ONE attack on Benghazi is a rallying cry for 6 years. Private Email server of Condoleeza rice is no big deal; but Hillary’s is a treasonous offense. Even calling 2008 and 2012 Elections rigged; polls are rigged; everybody else is wrong and you are right. 
…Earnest Discussions are totally impossible.Evolution is impossible: News Corp isn’t going to ever admit they’re not the ONLY source of unbiased truth. 
We’re in a ridiculous contrived Crisis right now; with 4.9% Unemployment; with death by violence down 20% and this century being much less crime ridden then the one before. Right Wing media and Social Media has stoked up a crisis. A NY state volunteer firefighter’s home burned down because he’s black?

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