Harvard Republican Club Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump
Harvard Republican Club

I was told by Republican stalwarts in my family I’d been brainwashed by ‘Jew Professors’ when discussing current events 15 years ago. The belief is that higher education is Liberal Lies. Face It: Conservative positions demand ignorance. Even the ‘high minded’ economic policy: Taxes on the rich were 75% in the 50’s and 60’s economic boom. But we can’t get half that now or even a return to sane 1990’s level taxes without screams of Job Killing Communism. And ‘job killing’ Regulations were made to fix problems of Laissez Faire. Unregulated capitalism was horrible; as every student of history knows; Progressivism Government Regulation was necessary. The party cultivates ignorance and denial of historical facts.. We KNOW what happens when regulations are lifted; the donors who demanded it may see short term profit and externalities are forced upon everybody else..See California Energy Crisis. S&L scandal. Enron.

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