Holidays, so stressful!!!

Holidays should be a relaxing time but for me they are always a source of discomfort, in a number of ways.

1). My tummy is always a lot wobblier than I’d like it to be (actually my whole body is a lot wobblier than I’d like it to be);

2). I still can’t speak the foreign language that I promised myself I was going to learn;

3). I have to go back to work on my return which reminds me that I’m not doing the job I want to do.

Every year I go on a strict diet slash exercise programme in the months leading up to my holiday. Honestly, it’s the worst thing I can do. Sure I can maintain the exercise, that’s the easy part. But as soon as I start to restrict my diet I want everything I’m not allowed to have and eat it in much larger amounts that I ordinarily would. And no amount of exercise is going to give me the six pack I want when I’m wolfing down chocolate like it’s going to disappear (well it is disappearing, very quickly into my mouth — yum).

So my body is never how I want it to look, I can only mispronounce a few words of Spanish and I’m not doing the job I dream of. But there’s more, like how my hair refuses to cascade down my back in luscious waves, instead it ‘does a Monica’ in the humidity and I have to wear it in a pony tail (because I have no idea how to do anything with my hair other than wear it down or in a pony tail).

Then there’s the fact that I swear to myself I’ll leave my phone in the safe for the duration of my trip and have technology free break, only to realise that there is free wifi at the hotel and log straight in to Facebook and check in. Then I obsessively track the news and the weather back home and text people I probably wouldn’t have text anyway, you know, just to keep in touch.

Obviously my lack of willpower at the all inclusive buffet is not going to help with my wobbly bits, still I cannot resist. I’m not a big drinker but the food, I just cannot say no. There’s so much choice and I feel the need to try a little bit of everything. I end up having a mish mash of food that doesn’t go together, I don’t enjoy it and so I go back up to find something else I might enjoy more Then I’m finally stuffed…. so I go up for a dessert or three.

I go away in around three months and as usual I’ve started the exercise regime. I’ve also started the diet although I’m optimistic this year that I’m going to be able to resist the urge of the rebellious binge and not ruin all of my hard work. It feels different this time, like more of a life change. Still it’s early day, time will tell.

As for learning Spanish; I can’t see that happening over the next three months, maybe I’ll just try to learn a few new words that I can mispronounce.

And as for my hair, well, I’ve tried everything, semi-permanent keratin straightening, shampoos, frizz ease, all of the products in the world. I’m just going to have to learn how to rock the pony tail.

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