Herringbone tweed suit

Tweed is an excellent fabric especially when you are living in place like London. London is known for its cold weather and in such climate, tweed works absolutely fine. One of the biggest advantages of buying a tweed suit is that you it can be worn all together or can be incorporated separately into pieces in your wardrobe. Tweed suits in London is quite famous amongst men. So let us understand, what exactly tweed fabric is.

What is Tweed?

Tweed is a warm rough to touch fabric and was originated in Scotland. The reason why tweed suits in London are famous is because of its loose weave which makes it flexible and comfortable during winters. The tweed fabric is referred to the weave of fabric; therefore when you see different kinds of tweed, it would tell you the pattern it has been woven. One of the most popular kinds of tweed is the herringbone tweed which a diagonally v-shaped black and white weave. The herringbone tweed gives a rich visual texture and known for its versatility.

Ways to wear Tweed in winters

Everybody needs to wear warm clothes during the winter month to protect from the chilly weather outside. However, many people think that they might have to compromise fashion during those chilly months. Not now! There are many fabrics that you can use to protect yourself from the weather as well as still enjoy great looks. Tweed is one of the fabrics that can make you awesome even in winters as well. Below are some ways of how you can incorporate tweed with other pieces in your wardrobe:-

Casually — if you are a starter with tweed then it is recommended to start with plain variety of tweed. You can wear a tweed jacket with dark blue jeans and high boots. Incorporate a neutral t-shirt or a winter shirt under the jacket.
At work — Tweed suits in London are quite popular as one of the formal attires. Heavy woven tweeds can make you look older, so try buying tweed suits in London that are finely weaved and pair it with your regular shirts like white or blue with smart formal shoes. Believe it or not, it can win you praise at work.

Accessorise — Apart from wearing tweed suits in London as attire you can even use accessories made out of tweed. Tweed caps, laptop bags, scarves, gloves are a smart way to incorporate tweed in your winter collection. It is also a safe way of using tweed fabric if you are not too comfortable wearing it. There is even footwear that has tweed as their centre fabric and looks awesome.

Taking care of Tweed

Though the fabric boasts itself about being tough and rugged, it still requires a good care to use it for coming years as well. Due to its weave structure it often pick up dirt and stains that can get hard to remove. Make sure you take your tweed clothes for dry cleaning as washing them in washing machines can make them shrink. Also, keep them in cool dry place so that they do not get attracted by moths.

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