In Search of Tailor Made Suits in London

When it comes to tailor made suits, London is the undisputed capital of the world. Though many countries have their own suiting tradition, none comes close to the storied English suiting tradition in terms of historicity, style, and aesthetics. The British love to suit up and London is the place where suit connoisseurs go in search of the perfect suit.

History of English Suiting Tradition

The suiting tradition in London city goes way back in time to the 19th century. It was during this period that the idea of the suit as we know now was born. It was the brain child of Beau Brummell, who improved upon the suiting style introduced and popularized by Charles II back in the 17th century. Brummell thought of different ways to improve the looks and fit of the suit and introduced the concept of wearing well cut, finely tailored suits, which looked and fit much better than the earlier version worn by Englishmen back in the old days.

Tailor Made Suits London

From then on, men in England, particularly those from aristocratic and rich families that formed the elite of the society, took great care to wear tailored suits and matching neckties to improve their personal appearance. Today, the suit has become the choice of clothing for people from all walks of life, not just the social elite. In terms of tailor made suits London offers the greatest range of choices, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Men love to wear suits for formal business meets and on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, dinner parties, and various public and private events, to attend which you have to adhere to a formal dress code.

Tailoring in London

If you are in need of a tailored suit London is quite simply the place to be. The city has so many tailoring shops where you can shop for the suit of your choice. The tailors here are greatly experienced and have mastered the art of stitching the perfect suit. For many of them, making suits is the family business, one in which their families have been in for generations. In fact, it is not at all an uncommon sight along the streets of London to find a second generation, third generation, or even a fourth generation tailor. Such is the rich tradition of tailoring in the city!

Why Wear Tailor Made Suits?

If you are someone who has never felt the need for a tailored suit and have always stuck to buying off-the-peg suits, you are missing out on all that is good about the English suiting tradition.

An off-the-peg suit is neither comfortable to wear nor does it fit you perfectly. In most cases, it is either slightly tight or slightly loose, depending on your physical frame. If it is the former, it will most likely restrict your range of motion and make you feel stiff and constricted. If it is the latter, it will make you look bigger than you actually are.

Moreover, a readymade suit does not last longer, as it is not stitched, but glued together. You might have to keep spending your money on buying new suits on a regular basis.

With tailor made suits, you have no such problems. A tailored suit fits you snugly, as it is made specifically for you. London tailors usually take multiple measurements to make sure the suit fits you like a glove, so you need not worry about the suit being too tight or loose at all.

A tailored suit is stitched from scratch and not glued together. It lasts much longer than an off-the-peg suit. So, even though you might have to spend more money on a tailored suit initially, it gives great value for your money as you can wear it for a long time.

Finding a Tailor

If you are in need of tailor made suits London tailors should not be hard to find. They can be found all across the city — from the famous Savile Row to numerous other streets that are equally known for their suiting tradition. Once you find a good tailor, you just need to tell him what kind of suit you need. You can leave the rest in his capable hands and wait for him to deliver a suit that is stitched to perfection.