Krishibal ~ UI Flow

Describes the UI Screens of the App and the User Experience briefly

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan!

Introducing KRISHIBAL

Diseases infected crops make a wholesum loss for the farmer. Many farmers lose their lives as their plants get infected. Now, what if they can find a the infected disease a bit soon rather than a complete infected crop? Krishibal enables one to detect the disease of a crop by simply taking the picture of the crop. You can also cure it by simply reading the solutions provided by KRISHIBAL.

Challenge in the society

We have many farmers give up their lives due to their crop getting infected by disease and they cant afford to again raise a new one which ultimately results in suicide.

For them, this app helps to choose them to take a picture of the crop whether to see its infected or not and also provides two options where they can know about the plants and their diseases.


Most important of all , how do we find a crop infected? And If we found , What will we do if the crop already got infected? What if the disease is too hard to handle? Is there any guarantee that the detected disease is trustworthy? You will find the solution for these in KRISHIBAL.

Information Architecture

We have been solving this problem from 3 week before the start of the project. We found , one simple way to do that. We have an option to scan an image and two other to get to know about the crops.

First is to take a picture or upload the picture of crop . Krishibal will find the disease and gives you the list of the diseases and how much percentage are they in. One can again explore each of the disease and know about the solutions for it.

Second is to select a crop and know about the crop briefly and also detailed. You can use this as a precaution to your crop as you become aware of those diseases.


Eyes on Brand

Sketched some themes for the logo which describe the perfect functioning of the app KRISHIBAL, Including a crop symbol seems to be clear to the people that it is related to a biological problem and importantly a farmer’s problem.

And for the colors, We picked light green for the crop and green for for remaining to differentiate from environment with green to the latter.

Launch Screen & Intro Sliders Design

In the Landing page we have simply Krishibal logo on a relative gradient with status bar at top.

This interface was designed during the next week of the wireframes, to keep it easy I have used a light gradient and this is done for my personal assessment of my work on environmental issues. This was done all on one day but the changes took 2–3 days.

For the Intro sliders, We clearly mentioned what can be done by selecting the options in the app bar of the home screen. There are also “Get Started” and “Next” buttons to direct to home page and to slide respectively.

Design the HOME!

In the home page we have Table of contents containing all the important crops and with the app bar providing transitions for all activities that can be produced by the app.

Explore the Results!

For the results , we have two divisions , firstly the main result page and upon clicking that we have the detailed result page.

From above image we can say that by clicking onto anyone of the prescribed disease we can get more details of it and its divided into two wings.

One is the symptoms one where you can see what symptoms are visible on the crop if its truly infected.

Other one is that Solutions where you can have a remedy for the respective disease that is infected to the crop.

Dashboard! and the Detailed Crop UI

In the Dashboard initially we have many things for the user to pick which will be available in app and there is also place for Viewing Market Rates and this is also a new feature which will be available soon in the app.

Since the settings and the Help criteria are the normal issues for the dashboard and they have been kept in the end as they cannot be much of use for the users which is an result for the user.

Similarly for the “Diseases” section, if we tap on that a similar page to that of the crop description page appears.

And the page contains the information about the diseases.


This is the current present UI Flow for the KRISHIBAL. Will be updated with the versions getting updated.

Thank you

L Roopesh Krishna.