7 More Startup Ideas I Want You To Steal

Even if it does sound like it’s worth stealing, there are at least a thousand times more people that have good ideas than people who are willing to do the kind of work it takes to turn a great idea into a great company — Sam Altman

This is Part Deux in response to Sama’s sermon from Mount Combinator; 7 More Startup Ideas I Want You To Steal. Desperately! Please purloin them, oh venturous unicorn seekers! (you can find Part 1 here)

  1. AmbitiousAI. Ever wondered what the mathematical version of your future self would need to do in order to achieve its goals? Enter your ambitious AI alter ego to give you advice on what next to do, read, practice or learn in order to fulfil your career goals.
  2. Nuclear Battery. Do you often gaze up at those big round concrete superstructures characteristic of nuclear power plants and think “oh how I wish I had one of those on a USB stick”? No?! Well it’s never too late to start. Such a device could form a nuclear laptop battery which lasts as long as your laptop, e.g. 10 years. Never recharge!
  3. Local App Manifolds. Apps and services which persist only while you are located close to certain objects, locations, people, etc. For example your Spotify account will play muzak at you until you cross into your workplace, whence magic occurs and your Spotify app automatically shuts down and your email client and Skype suddenly spring to life.
  4. A Single Collaboration App for Everyone. One place where you can invite the world to collaborate with you on all your projects. From Soundcloud to Github, Poetry to Hobbycraft, from Engineers to Bakers and Jewellers, the Collaboration App Made in Heaven will simultaneously allow you to publicise and illustrate your projects in gorgeous infinity fonts with vivid HD photos as well as make it frictionless to add to other peoples’ projects and combine their efforts with yours.
  5. Drag-and-Drop Data Science. Ever thought that programming is for cave people? Just want to drag and drop those algorithmic hot potatoes and connect them up like colourful Legos using your cordless laser mouse from the comfort of your laminated designer studio? Your prayers have been answered my friend! Coming soon, the drag-and-drop Data Science tool where every algorithm is encoded into a chunk of Lego or even pictures of your favourite food. All you need to do is connect them up any way you choose.
  6. Automatic Baby Changer. Instant. Best. Seller.
  7. Treadmill Bunnies. Save your bunnies and other animals from being eaten by evil meat-eating people by putting them in a safe haven treadmill which powers your house with off-grid electricity!

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