Bearing Gifts from Planet Zorg

It is midday, Thursday, 2025. All humans have moved to live within city walls; the countryside is overgrown and wild, long since reclaimed by vast forests and predators. Clusters of gargantuan skyscrapers dot the earth’s green landscape to reveal the remaining megacities, home to 18 billion humans in total.

The humans have developed myriad advanced technologies and alleviated all Six Forms of Biological Suffering. They live in relative comfort until their 105'th solar rotation, after which most elect to upload their mind into a new, synthetically grown corpus, and continue existence with the support of a slightly altered biological structure. To all external appearances the synthetic biological corpus looks exactly the same as the original human corpus; this human solution to life extension is a work in progress.

It is midday, Thursday, 2025. Humans stream out of the city blocks and gather around the landing fields located next to each megacity. Aliens from the planet Zorg have arrived. They exit their space ships simultaneously across the globe— one space ship in each landing field. Their motions are perfectly coordinated…

All human activity has stopped. All eyes are on the recently landed Zorgite space machines. The doors open and a delegation of Zorgites exit the ships. Each delegation walks in unison, as if an exact copy of each of the others. The chief salesman in each delegation holds up a perspex cabinet with a brain inside. He switches on his broadcast device to begin communications and all the humans politely accept the incoming signal.

“We have come from planet Zorg!”, the salesman proclaims, “Thank you, truly, for your warm welcome. This is the first time any Zorgite has been to Earth with his primary biological corpus. It is symbolic of our respect for you, and of our trust in you.”

The Zorgite salesman continues, holding up the perspex cabinet slightly higher “We have developed an advanced brain, an advanced biological brain, and we have travelled far to offer it to you. Not in exchange for money, nor energy, nor financial contracts of any kind — we offer it for free!”

The Zorgite salesman pauses and sends a piercing, lucid gaze around the landing field, seemingly looking at each of the humans in turn, identifying and acknowledging one and all. He continues,

“On planet Zorg we have developed the most advanced civilization within the Five Galaxies. On Zorg, everything is free. We want for nothing, and we live forever.”

The salesman pauses again. All the humans understand that he speaks the truth. This is not boasting. It is mere fact.

“We have developed these biological brains and wish to use them to expand the collective brain power of the entire population of the Five Galaxies. If you accept these brains — if you replace your current neural devices with these — the collective knowledge and processing capacity of the Five Galaxies will increase a hundred fold within 2 months.”

“That is an advance worth more than money. Worth more than anything”, the Zorgite salesman exclaims.

“We have a message for your leaders too. They will tell you not to receive these gifts freely; they will seek to enslave you with a sense of comfort and security in what you have now, and distil in you a great fear of these more advanced brains, which we are offering you freely and in good faith. We have a message for them;

You have offered your subjects only hollow stories of progress, mirages of future greatness and shallow substitutes for human potential; these brains, once installed in place of your neural devices, will give every individual in the Five Galaxies a direct, uncensored connection to the Master Brain. These brains will allow you to sync with any other brain, instantaneously and at will. These brains will allow you to transcend the confines of your own body and travel through the neural experiences of all individuals in the Five Galaxies, including those who have chosen to release their physical body and integrate completely within the neural structure of the Master Brain. With the brains we are offering you now without any conditions; with these brains you will be truly immortal!”

Again the salesman looks out over the humans gathered there in a great arc. He seems to be trying to communicate with each of them directly.

“Let me clarify further” the Zorgite salesman continues, as if addressing an unspoken question from amongst the gathered humans. “You will lose nothing of your current neural device’s functionality. Your memories and neural capabilities will be copied into a biological substrate and installed within your new brain, a safe process which every citizen of Zorg has already undergone. We ask that you join us in lucidity, in lifelong happiness! In immortality! You lose nothing of what you have, and gain a million dimensions of experience to which you will remain blind unless you choose to replace your neural device with these”. The salesman holds up the perspex box with the brain inside it as high as he can.

“Join us!”

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