How studying accessible design can make us better human-centered designers

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Blind woman smiling while using a smartphone application. Sourced from Facebook Newsroom

The other day I was checking my email. It took me less than 10 minutes to sort through messages and meeting invites. I honestly didn’t think much of it; this is my reality. But the reality is that while this took me little effort, checking emails can actually be quite challenging for some people.

Imagine that same activity but blindfolded. What would you do to sort emails? You could: 1) wing it by randomly selecting emails to read or ignore, 2) get your office bae to sort them for you, or 3) download an application that would alert you to emails that are messages or invitations. …

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Industry bootcamp by Ron Poznansky

Want to create kick-ass product experiences? Start with a kick-ass persona.

Personas are research artifacts that capture the behaviors, attitudes, education, use of technology, workflow and the like of a particular user group. Primarily, personas are meant to help us understand our users a little bit better.

Without a doubt, personas are essential tools in a design professional’s toolkit, but they seemed to be losing their appeal as quality sources for inspiration and building empathy.

I can think of two reasons why personas are underrated: people don’t use them correctly and people don’t develop them. Personas might be tossed in at the last minute or just abandoned, not reaching any level of depth and nuance. …

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With so many companies out there vying for attention, it’s important to know how your product fares against the competition. One way to do this is to do a competitive analysis.

A competitive analysis is a method for looking at a competitor’s offerings to see what is working for them and what your company might be doing right (or wrong).

Working as a design researcher, I’ve done a fair share of competitive analyses. Drawing from experience and watching others, I’ve picked up some tips you can use to get an overview of the competition and deliver actionable insights that can inform product design and strategy. …


Roosevelt T. Faulkner

Design researcher and writer. Lover of dope stuff. Grinding in Austin, TX.

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