5 Fruit Juice Combinations to Try out with New Zealand Apples and Pears

Roosnaturefresh India
Apr 10 · 3 min read

Fruit juices are the best way to make refreshments, especially when they are extracted from New Zealand apples and pears. Their sugary flavor teamed with some spices makes them more special than before. However, not just for the rich flavor, juices are prescribed by the doctors as well. This is because of the presence of nutrients in the fruits.

It has been scientifically discovered that both apples and pears are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber that in turn, fights against almost every kind of disease. Hence it will not be wrong to conclude that drinking a glass of pear or apple juice will boost the overall health.

However not every combination taste good always. Let us find out the 5 top combinations that one may try out with their New Zealand apple and pear.

1. Apple, Bittergourd, and Lemon: Whatever tastes bitter is to some extent beneficial — agree or not. Hence, combining bittergourd with sweet apples like Royal Gala apples and tart lemons suppress the bitter flavor to a great extent and make the juice healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Such a combo is fantastic for liver function and fat digestion. The juice when intake generates insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p that helps to regulate blood sugar, thus controlling diabetes. New Zealand apples even contain soluble fiber pectin that works to reduce the toxic waste from the intestines, thus boosting the digestion power.

2. Cucumber, Kale, and Pear: Normally, pears are not juicy but this is not the case with New Zealand pears. One can easily squeeze the juice out of it and pair it with fresh cucumber juice and nutrient-dense kale. These pears are rich with high levels of pectin fiber that helps in lowering the cholesterol level and increases the digestive power. Whereas, cucumber holds a large amount of silica that helps to repair the connective tissues and brighten the skin. Additionally, all these contain a high amount of vitamins and plenty of cancer-fighting compounds. For example, sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol.

3. Granny Smith apples, Honeydew, Milk: Granny Smith apples, yet another variety of New Zealand apples, are amazing but the juice becomes delicious when it is blended with honeydew and milk. Green Delicious apples or Granny Smith are more fibrous than their red delicious apples. And relatively they have a pleasant tartness that goes well with the other two. These apples work well when it comes to digestion and helps in reducing colon cancer risk. They are also friendly in lowering the cholesterol level that in turn burns the fat. On the other hand, melon present in the juice contains a high amount of calcium and potassium that reduces stress level.

4. Golden Delicious and sour Plum: Another delicious fruit juice combination is with golden delicious apples and sour plums. These apples, unlike red delicious apples, have a grassy flavor that when mixed with the sour plum adds excessive vitamins to the juice. All in a whole is wonderful for boosting the immunity power. A glass of golden juice every day keeps one away from being affected with anemia. It has a high quantity of iron and vitamin B1 that produces more red blood cell and boost the oxygen flow.

5. Apple, Celery, and Ginger: Combination of celery, ginger, and New Zealand apples make a complete package of nutrients. Celery as we know is notable for diuretic features. This, when blended with ginger and apples, turns out to be a health mixture that helps the body to get rid of excess toxins.

The aforesaid formulas will definitely change your tastebuds and enhance your immunity power. For an extra boost, one can even app a sprinkle of spices. For example, chia seeds, turmeric powder, or black pepper. All these work as a natural digestive aid.

So, if you are interested to feed your health then its time to keep the local apples and pears aside and prefer to intake the authentic New Zealand apples and pears. As said earlier, their sheer quality never leaves any stone unturned to amaze the person concerned. One can even look for a New Zealand apple and pear importer to make their desirable purchase.