5 Super Benefits of Singing

Singing is so good for us. Whether it’s belting out a favourite song that has just come on the radio, singing along at a concert or performing in a concert, there is so much joy to be found in the simple act of singing.

When we (Root Academi) run our school workshops, one of our main aims is to ensure that every participant is simply enjoying singing. We love to work of the skill development side of things too, but in a group setting, enjoyment is our key objective.

The reason for this is that we know that singing has fantastic benefits for everyone, so we want to make it something that everyone wants to do in some form throughout their weeks. If singing is fun, we will want to do it, and then we can enjoy all the great benefits!

Here are 5 of our favourite singing benefits!

  1. Singing makes us happier
    Singing releases endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that makes us feel good. Similarly to exercise, the endorphins released when we sing really lift our spirits, and when done habitually, they form happy patterns throughout our week, making stress-free times a regular occurrence.
    Breathing is an important part of singing and also really helps to keep our bodies relaxed and our spirits lifted. Deep breathing is an anti-anxiety tool and it enables us to take more oxygen into our blood, which in turn creates better circulation. 
    Concentration plays another great part in the joy of singing. When we are focusing on learning new melodies, words and harmonies, we forget about any stress, worries or concerns we may have, filling our brains with new thoughts instead. Also creating those happy habits mentioned about. All good things that keep us cool, calm and happy. 
    Interestingly, singing in a group is found to cause even happier outcomes. This is mainly due to the positive effects of being part of a group, being valued, having a sense of belonging, teamwork, unity and responsibility. Sharing that sense of achievement with others after learning, conquering and performing a song is a unique and wonderful thing that will create a happy buzz that lasts longer than the rehearsal time!
  2. Singing boosts our confidence
    Singing in front of others is a fantastic way to boost confidence and self esteem, particularly if this is as part of a group. Having the safety of others around you is a great way to start developing confidence. However, singing solo is also a superb way to build it up — perhaps with even greater results, based on the greater courage it takes to do something solo!
    When we sing we are creatively presenting ourselves to others, and as we sing (with those endorphins getting released), we realise that it is actually not so scary, in fact it’s quite fun, and our self-confidence increases. 
    Once our performance get appraisal from our peers, family and audience members, our confidence levels rise even further. That’s why encouraging performers is incredibly important, especially with specific positive feedback (every performer has done something well, even if is simply that they got on up there and joined in). We should be avid encouragers! 
    The confidence gained in singing can go along way towards confidence in other aspects of life. Classroom presentations, conversations with new people or auditioning for the lead role in the school play!
  3. Singing helps us make friends
    When we sing in a group, with classmates or in a choir, we are sharing in a vulnerable experience with others. This can help form unique bonds and friendships that can operate outside of singing circles. 
    Creating life experiences is another sure way to form great friendships. Fondest memories are of those life experiences shared with others. 
    Other factors that cross between singing together and friendship are those such as, relying on one another, trusting each other, supporting each other and being committed to a common cause.
  4. Singing improves posture
    There are plenty of singing techniques that can also serve us well in our every day life and posture is one of them. In order to sing correctly, our posture must be good. The more we practice correct singing posture, the more we form the habit of standing up straight. And we all have been told plenty of times that that is very important!
  5. Singing encourages equality
    When we sing together, our differences are put aside and we are all striving towards the same goal. It’s a great reminder of how life should be and the beauty and importance of diversity and equality!

There are many health benefits of singing, and these are just five of them that apply to every person of every age and experience!

If you have any more thoughts on this, we’d love to hear them!


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