Torched Truth: Prologue

Someone will know. They are going to find out. They’ll kill her.

I keep freaking out to myself silently as these thoughts are stuck on replay in my brain.

No, she will live. They will not find out. She will act like them. Everything will... come crumbling down into little grains of sand slipping through my fingers.

I can’t keep the negativity out of my head.


I look up at Nathan.

“She’ll be just fine. I promise you, everything will go as planned.”

I go to spill out my fears, but Nathan turns to me and holds my face in his huge, gentle hands, while making me look into his bright, piercing green eyes and tells me, “I know how hard this is for you, hell, I won’t be able to keep boys away from our little girl. And with who her mother is that’s going to be a chore.” He gives me a mischievous smile, which always makes me smile back. “But she will be fine. I’ve been watching this couple for quite some time now. They’ll love her as if she were their own child.”

“How are you so sure that they won’t turn her in when they realize what she is?” I demand.

Nathan gives me an understanding look and slowly says, “Because this couple can’t have children, nor are there any for them to adopt. Riviera is their only hope for a child. They will protect her and never give her up without a fight.”

I look down at this sweet little miracle all swaddled up in my arms. I hug her closer to me because I know there is such a small chance that I will ever see her again, I want to savor this moment. I don’t realize I’m crying until Nathan brushes his fingers across my cheeks. I look up at him and quickly but gently hand over Riviera to him before I have a chance to change my mind. Once Nathan is holding her close, I stand on my toes and give my baby girl a soft kiss on her forehead,

“I love you” I whisper.

As I go to turn away Nathan grabs me in a huge one-armed hug. All three of us for the first and last time.

We break away much too soon, and before I can stop him Nathan is at the couple’s back door placing Riviera on the rubber door mat.

He rings the bell about 5 times in a frantic manner, then he bolts to where I am. I barely notice him grab and hold me to his chest as we watch the door open to a rumpled looking man in his early thirties. He looks around, mumbles something about darn kids and shakes his head. When he does this he sees Riviera and yells into the house before grabbing my baby and frantically looking around. Then he quickly goes inside with my baby bundled in his arms.

I quickly turn to Nathan and collapse into his arms.I feel the weather changing with my mood before I feel the raindrops hit the top of my head. When I look up into Nathan’s face I see something I hope to never see again.

His tears.

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