Torched Truth: Chapter 3

How is this possible?

I can’t shake the question. I didn’t come here to meet a girl, I came to gather information. And yet here I am giving a girl my number. I would get into serious trouble if I become involved with her. But I can’t help it, she’s not just any girl, I’m drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Mom explained it to me when I was younger. She told me that her best friend was the one who told her about what it feels like when you meet your soulmate. I never believed her. I mean Dad tells her she’s crazy for believing that story. He says it’s just a woman’s over exaggeration of the mind. Now though… I’m not so sure.

River is simply amazing. From her 5’6 frame to her smart arse remarks.

And her eyes, I could’ve sworn that they’d glowed the richest, most earth shattering green that I’ve ever seen. From the look on her face mine must’ve been glowing gold. But hers couldn’t have been glowing. I mean, I have to wear dark brown contacts to keep mine a normal color, but River’s human. Human eyes do not glow. I’m going to have to ask Dad about this when I get back to turn in my report.

I’m so tuned into my own thoughts that hers are quiet. I know it's prying but I’m eager to learn more about this girl, so I gently hone in on her thoughts so I don’t alert her that I’m in listening.

What are you thinking! Talking to a complete stranger, and then flirting with him no less!!!

I can’t help myself as I let out a small chuckle.

What is he laughing at?

River freezes.

Does he know… No, there is no way that he could possibly know that. No one knows about...

I pull away as quickly as I can without alerting her. It’s one thing to try to get to know someone and then it’s something else entirely to be snooping in their secrets.

I jump when the bell rings.

Gah!! That thing sounds too much like the alarm system at home.

I hastily grab my bag and begin walking down the row, when I bump my foot on something. I go to kick it out of my way, but stop when I see what it is. I pick-up River’s present and look around to find her,only to realize she’s long gone.

Oh well, I guess the only thing I can do now is search for her throughout the day to get it back to her.

You should just give it to the teacher and tell her that it belongs to River. She will handle it from there…

But instead I just walk out the door and onto my next class with the gift tucked under my arm.

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