5 Things Sachtler Got with WordPress

WordPress Website Development

Sachtler is known globally for offering premium camera support systems including tripod heads, tripods and pedestals and much more. The business model enables the company to capitalize on the demands of the entertainment industry involved in the art of film and cine making. However, getting the attention of consumers in a competitive marketplace is a job easier said than done. In the wake of it, Sachtler took a refuge to WordPress development. Did that make any difference to the brand? Find the answer yourself.

Customer Engagement & Conversion

The audience’s attention span is dipping down on the Web (currently 5 seconds) and the online market is becoming tough. Thanks, Sachtler found the perfect weapon with the development of its WordPress website. Presence of incredible media management and a host of content format tools, the website takes the look and feel of the content from common to uncommon.

WordPress tops the list of content management systems. Bagging 27.9% of the overall CMS marketshare, it gives a run for their money to competitors like Joomla and Drupal. Looking at the website, now you should not surprise at the huge success of WordPress.

Simplicity in Content Management System

With WordPress development, keeping the website abuzz with the latest products has become a lot easier. Simplicity and mobile-friendliness takes away the hassle of creating, reviewing and publishing content. Users can post, format them easily, insert media, and with the click of a button make the content go live on the Web. Users can choose to keep the post public or private with a password. User Management is the core feature that enables the brand to keep its content management people at different levels work in harmony.

Full Standards Compliance

The WordPress development has solved all compatibility problems whether it’s linked with browser or device. The built website is fully in line with W3C guidelines. This has given its eCommerce store a better penetration into the market along with better customer engagement and conversion rates. Besides being compliant, the Wordpress website equips users with all sorts of customization tools. CMS users can make changes to the look and feel based on the products, the target market or any event. Availability of an array of plugins associated with galleries, social networking, forums, social media widgets, SEO, etc. has enabled the WordPress developer to build a fully-featured website.

Multilingual Approach

WordPress developers at Root Info Solutions have leveraged the multilingual capability of the framework effectively. The website is available in German and English both. In fact, WordPress is a multilingual framework supporting as many as 174 languages spoken all over the world. Hence, venturing into other territories or demographics will hardly pose any challenge to the brand. Each language runs in a separate site. However, all sites are connected to the lightweight user interface. Even if a user happens to be on a site with a language he or she is alien to, he or she can get the content translated to a language of his or her choice. Also, SEO-friendly URLs and permalinks can be assigned to every web page.

Supportive Community

WordPress has a growing, intelligent and vibrant community base that is dedicated to elevate the web user experience. The resources generated over the years are available online through forums. Members are kept informed of the new themes, enhancements, widgets, plugins, etc. through mailing lists. The community brings WordPress developers and users from across the world through WordCamp.

This helps in getting instant response against any kind of performance, security or other issues from the supportive community members. Anybody can join the community, post questions and seek answers in a quick and easy manner.

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