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Behind every device and behind every app, there is a user. So no matter how compatible your app is with the device and its operating system, if it failed to woo that end user, the entire purpose of the investment goes useless. Hence, it becomes utmost for you to read the mind of those who are either going to use your app or are using already it. How to do so?

Here comes the role of the lesser known mobile analytics discipline. It maintains a low profile in the phase of mobile app development but makes the rest worthwhile. PhoneGap developers of Root Info Solutions have recently enabled two of their Cordova apps as discussed below with a competent mobile analytics tool. See how the tools are helping the their clients to measure the impact of the app on their business and innovate their products or services.

Avanti Furs

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This is a cross platform shopping app built for a Kastoria, Greece-based company that deals in the manufacturing and marketing of fur merchandises. Cordova mobile app developers at Root Info Sol have equipped Avanti Furs with Flurry Analytics. Thanks to the tool, sales and marketing team of Avanti Furs finds it easier to track the consumer’s journey from getting the app launched to navigating and browsing through its store, making purchase and payment and beyond that. The insights gained so helps them to maximize the customer acquisition rate, increase repeat customer-base and drive brand loyalty and check the customer churn rate.

CP Jobsite

PhoneGap App

This is a workforce management mobile app built on Cordova app development framework. The app is used by CertaPro Painters, a US-company that offers painting services for residential as well as commercial building owners and property agents. Powered with Google Analytics, the app has become an indispensable asset for the business. It helps users, supervisors and workers to collaborate better and ensure speedy completion of the task undertaken.

The analytics accurately measures the demographics and interests of the users in verticals including age, gender, language and so on. It also keeps a track of the frequency of app login, signup, subscription, etc. Thus, it makes easier for the business to understand and visualize usage trends.

Want to get an intelligent app built for your business? If yes, reach out to Root Info Solutions. More information about the capability of the company can be procured from its official website and profiles on CrunchBase, LinkedIn and Facebook. A few projects are also showcased with AppFutura and Behance.