I woke up to the sound of horns blowing. “If you hear the sound of conch shells, stay inside. There is a storm,” Yeni told me. As I swung on my hammock, Yeni pulls out a ribbon of colorful threads and says, “I’m going to sew my Mola”.

The Mola…

The origin of Gond art captures the connection between identity and making that pervades indigenous crafts groups. In the absence of a money system, people make mostly everything they own. There is both a desire to push for exposure and also experiment with the art form at the same time…

From education to art

As some of you might know, Roots Studio did not start out in our current iteration — an e-commerce website where we sell limited-edition art prints featuring traditional Indian art by rural artisans.

Our collection for this season featuring Gond art

Two years ago, Roots Studio was in fact a punched out 50-seater Mahindra bus that turned into…

Rebecca Hui from Roots Studio

Thoughts on the journey. Our mission is to reclaim authorship for rural tribes by strengthening village economics through licensing.

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