How to effectively introduce better ways of doing things as a group

Reducing process was a consistent goal for me and my colleagues while working as a developer over the past decade. All that meant to me was overhead and bureaucracy that got in the way of writing code.

In typical managerial fashion, I’ve come around on process. When introduced correctly, it is the most effective tool available to ensure your developers are supported and producing their best work. However, the way in which process is introduced to your team is key to its adoption and usefulness.

A developer’s workflow is their bread and butter. They work through this process on everything…

A framework to help you be there for your team

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I recently had a friend lament to me about the stresses at her work brought about by her manager. Let’s call him Josh.

Josh is highly respected where my friend works. He’s great to have in whiteboarding sessions, he seems to always come up with clever solutions, and on top of that, he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and jump into the code.

At first, my friend was excited to work with Josh. He’s super talented and very experienced, and so she felt like she could learn a lot. …

Why tribalism is rampant in crypto and what we can do about it

The cryptocurrency industry is a fascinating space. It elegantly blends the disciplines of finance, technology, and cryptography into a brand new beast that offers novel solutions to old problems.

There’s a lot to appreciate in what we’ve accomplished already. Crypto is making a real impact in areas of economic strife. Crypto-enthusiasts are passionate supporters of building awareness, real adoption, and have some of the best meme game on the Internet. On top of that, some of the most brilliant technological minds are joining up to look into how we can use it to level up the Internet.

All that being…

“Why are you so excited about this so-called ‘Internet Money’?”

This is a question I get a lot from people who have a hard time wrapping their head around crypto and how it will impact the Internet. They see crypto as an unnecessarily complex alternative to Venmo or Square and don’t see any reason to leave their walled banking garden.

With Libra recently announced, the conversation has come up again. Fred Wilson reiterated his view of the role cryptocurrency will play:

When USV invested in Coinbase in early 2013, our rationale was that digital currencies and digital assets (like Bitcoin…

What it’s like at a hyper-growth crypto company

When I joined Coinbase at the start of 2017 I headed the four person Payments team; working with both banks and blockchains. The cryptocurrency industry was still mainstream adjacent and the markets were just starting to heat up with BTC around $1,000 and ETH at a cool $10. During my interview, we talked about this new interesting idea some projects were playing around with: selling the cryptocurrency to finance the building of the cryptocurrency, long before “ICO” became a common term in conversation. …

Matthew Werner

Former Head of Crypto Engineering at Coinbase. Ex-Zendesk.

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