Samuel “Sandy” Tattersall

The denim jackets and jeans.

The Twinkies and Pepsi he would hand out of the back of his silver Honda CR-V.

The Blair Week scream — nothing in the world has gotten me more hype than that scream. I doubt anything ever will.

The way he walked out to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” in Community Meeting and always just shook his head, with a grin, in resigned defeat.

Those rectangular glasses he would put on as he read from the Community meeting podium.

The way he would nod and listen, even if you had the tendency to stay stupid things like me.

The way he would also tell me what I said was stupid even after hearing me out. Thanks for always waiting until I was done.

The way he would ask about the little things that probably wouldn’t matter in the long run, but that meant the world to us as students.

The way he would talk to Jimmy Lindberg and I like we weren’t just a bunch of goofy 17 year olds.

These are the memories I have of you T, and that I will always keep. Rest in perfect peace Sam — you deserve nothing less.

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