Before we start off:

  1. I haven’t watched ALL the highly rated movies.
  2. All the statements here fall into either of the 2 categories — my opinion or facts.
  3. Spoilers ahead (Duh! -_- )
  4. I watch movies solely for the sake of entertainment. BTW, I do NOT get entertained if I find it illogical.

So, here we go, some of the most overrated titles in the history of cinema:

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey:

Initially, I had plans to write a whole separate article on this movie, but I decided I’ll try to cut it short and include this here. While I confess that my huge expectations were one reason why I hate this movie, I’d hate this movie anyways even if I didn’t know that this movie was (and still is, by many) regarded as the best sci-fi flick ever. I also wanna make 2 more things clear: The visual effects were more than awesome given it was 1968, and I have nothing personal against Stanley Kubrick — I liked A Clockwork Orange a lot. Let’s finally get to the point — why I hate this movie.

I’d get the point “The beginning of using something for destruction is a milestone in our evolution” even if the scene was only for 5 minutes. In fact, I’d have appreciated the scene only if it were less than 5 minutes. Half an hour for this? I slept thrice trying to finish the movie, twice in the 1st half hour. No kidding, fellas.

10 minutes of travel like this? Ain’t nobody got no time fo this shit!! Seriously, man, I was so irritated when I had to forward this sequence. Yeah, bro, I get it, he’s time-traveling. 10 minutes? 10 secs should be more than enough. We do not know what it looks like, to travel in forward/backward in time, but surely, Stanley’s imagination should’ve done much better than showing random colors for 10 minutes.

Reborn like a star-child? With superhuman powers? To influence the evolution again? Why not an adult directly? Many people call this scene as THE “stroke of genius”. Come on, after watching over 2 hours of whatever-you-may-call-it, should I be patient enough to watch this? NOT AT ALL!


As a science student, I couldn’t help notice the many instances where momentum and angular momentum are not conserved. This is high school stuff, I don’t know why people appreciate those scenes too, they just depict the lack of common sense. Or high school physics, whatever you may call it.

Aaaaand the scene where the protagonist holds his breath and goes into vacuum. His lungs would have sure punctured, he’d have gone unconscious and some other complications might occur too. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to try this when you’re out there in space!

2. Pulp Fiction:

If I was to describe the movie in one word, it would be this: POINTLESS! Except for the Samuel Jackson scene in the beginning (“English, ****, do you speak it?”) I did not find it funny. It’s not that I hate this movie, I liked it okay. But is it the best movie I ever watched? No way! Not even close to it. This is a decent flick, but simply too overrated. Snatch (2000) is 1 thousand times better than this. Snatch is very very funny. Snatch is more energetic. Snatch doesn’t bore me no matter how many times I watch it. Snatch has Brad Pitt! Anyways, my point is, Pulp Fiction is nowhere near a great movie to me. Just a one-time watch. Nothing more than that.

3. The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring:

I did NOT read the book. The movie was fine. Just a one-time watch. But I got fucking bored!! Damn bored. So bored that I could watch it completely only on multiple viewings.

4. The Avengers, parts 1 & 2:

I was very excited to watch these movies. I was very entertained by the 1st part too. But, bro, how many movies have we already watched in which the villain tries for a superpower that can destroy humanity, either obtains it and then (s)he was stopped by our heroes, or stopped before (s)he obtained it? This is one important reason why these aren’t very good movies. Another reason is that THESE GUYS DON’T KNOW HIGH-SCHOOL PHYSICS!! Thor flies and changes directions midway, people don’t get killed, etc etc. Too bad, anyone with a basic background of physics and slight concentration while watching movies can point out dozens of mistakes like these.

5. There Will Be Blood:

This movie was just made for Oscars. Yes, this movie was made just so that some Oscars can be grabbed. Nothing else. No entertainment, nothing to take home after viewing it. Just a good story told in a very boring manner. The movie will leave you with the expression: “What the fuck did I just watch?”

6. Cloud Atlas:

Halfway into this movie, you’d be trying to understand the connections that were solely meant to provide you with enough nonsense to wonder about for the next 2 days. Initially entertaining, but slowly, you’ll realize the length. And then you’ll realize you’re slightly getting uninterested. And then that the connections are for shit. And then that it was total waste of time.

7. Eraserhead:

I’m so irritated with this movie that I hate to even talk about it. Just hate it.

Okay I wanna conclude now. Not that I hate slow movies, not that I hate Oscars. I love Casablanca, The Shawshank Redemption, Watchmen, The Usual Suspects, Gladiator, Dark Knight Trilogy, Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream, 12 Angry Men, Inception, City Of God etc etc. Other movies that I think are overrated? Titanic, Saving Private Ryan, Alien, Reservoir Dogs, Scarface, Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, Fargo, Trainspotting, The Thing, No Country For Old Men, Sin City, Captain America, Papillon, Mulholland Dr., Blue Velvet etc.

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