The Success Blueprint


Some people holding many university degrees are unsuccessful, and this is dumbfounding.

What is up with that?

It is surprising to see how their psychology affects their success in life, and changing your thinking can increase the odds of achieving your super amazing goal.

Succeeding in life is about the type of blueprint you are using. Perhaps using the one you currently are holding is missing something in it. By deciding, to add success, wealth, or any other enhancing beneficial beliefs to your mental map is going to help.

So, start developing the right beliefs here.


Putting in place the right “ideas” is about granting you a better quality of life. First, you must imperatively exercise a new way of thinking. Putting in place this new model or attitude is about removing the one you currently hold and updating it by stretching your goals far, I mean far.

Going out there in the real world is about setting higher goals than you hold. By thinking big, you will be doing big, and when you are doing big, guess what? You guessed it you will be winning big.

The size of your goals has to do a lot about how much you are willing to stretch yourself to win. Sometimes succeeding, life would be demanding from you at level seven instead of a five. Are you willing to go the extra mile for seven instead of five?

It is surprising to see how close you are away from succeeding if you only push yourself a bit by stretching yourself more. You must learn this one habit.


I believe those who are succeeding right now are bipolar thinkers. They have either small goals or big goals. They are thinking either being the little person or the big person. Deciding to be the big person is the right choice. You have to choose now.

By currently accepting your current mindset, it is not going to take you places. This is the time to start exercising a new way of thinking today.

Beliefs are the building blocks of success.

You start by changing your attitude by making succeeding in life a priority. You have to. Believing in reaching your goal is important and scoring big in life one day is a better belief to own.

These are beliefs you have to start infusing in your head. You cannot doubt yourself. Believe you can only be the only one who will be creating a living of a lifetime. Succeeding will not be happening through mere accidents or luck. You must be creating it. Hint: creating it.

Therefore, you have to start believing, “I create my life and life does not create me.” Truly believing in succeeding will catapult you like a rolling unstoppable rock. By believing, you will, you will.

I know. As a psychologist, I working with many people who are applying these attitudes and becoming successful as they leave the clinic.

You succeeding is about the size of your goals (ideas)!


I see those with high ideas in life are scoring big in life. They are not nurturing negativity constantly around them. They’re the type of go getters reaching for higher pay cuts, promotions, new cars, always striving for the next level, growing.

By thinking big, you will be building a better quality of life for yourself. Therefore, not being a big thinker is crushing your life today. This is the perfect time to start changing your small ideas to big ideas. If you need to start getting back to the drawing board, then go and do so.

This is the time for you to become a big-baller. Chewing over your thoughts, goals or ideas is necessary.

Did you know you could be building a succeeding mindset by having just one BIG goal?

Finding that one person who holds your goal and succeeding is enough to increase the belief in you too. The brain will start thinking it is possible, doable and most of all it exist for you. This is what I call goal awareness.

Goal awareness works when it is repetitive, exposing at all time.

Aside from awareness, successful minds are building it not from a wheel of fortune, but with a consist plan.

By having a definite plan, you will be reaching your goal in no time. Start by picking a plan with infinite steps that will have you working into gargantuan rewards. Those goals with a few steps reaps the smallest rewards. Always shoot for big.

Pick an amazing goal.

It is your responsibility to start building a rich successful wealthy mind.

Taking charge of your plan is key. You are the only authority of creating a life you always think constantly. It is your responsibility to start executing it and creating it. In addition, remembering how important it is to be taking action every day will help. It is not the world’s fault if you are failing; just keep reworking your steps, all the time.

Goal setting is about not quitting.

Keep trying in this ratchet difficult world and never feel discouraged.

Be laser focusing every day.

Always believing in succeeding and not failing. You are not a victim of your circumstances. Play the game of life to start winning and achieving success, wealth, glory, self-love, etc.

Making a strong promise to yourself to succeed helps.

Committing yourself to succeeding is about becoming a mature adult. Desiring vs commitment is a big difference in transforming your new mind into a powerful executing weapon.

Being successful also has to do with your emotional states.

There is nothing in the world to scare you. You are enough in accomplishing everything you desire right now in your heart. Feeling enough or worthy is very important. This helps in building your confidence and solidifying your new mindset. Start feeling you can, more, and deserving more.

Start using positive affirmations, or surrounding yourself with positive energies the best you can. Strive to have a positive outlook in life even when things are falling. When you are constantly creating, new big things in life things become easier. Do not complain; instead becoming your own best self-coach.

How you are interpreting your world also is affecting your outcomes.

Success is not mental it is emotional too.

Thinking you are going to do amazingly in life helps, believing whatever you, touch in life will make it even better. Start by building a Midas touch mentality. This idea can come sometimes in handy. Sort of as thinking whatever you are touching in your life will, turn to gold is a start. Go ahead, believe what you are doing in life will get better, does.


Do you feel deserving of succeeding in life?

Do you really feel it?

One reason you are not reaching success is you are experiencing on a subconscious an experience, a belief or blueprint making you feel undeserving of success. Feelings such as shame, guilt or anger can be mental obstacles sabotaging you where you are going.

Those negative emotions you are feeling will not be producing the results you wish. Did you know that? So, practice feeling deserving, worthy, building new feelings like amazement, goodness, ecstasy, happiness etc.

Another debilitating emotional state is feeling you cannot handle more than you deserve. If you are feeling this, then the universe will be responding to you equivalent. The universe will not give, or reward those who feel they cannot handle more success, money, wealth, etc…

The best advice I can be giving you right now is seek a professional to rework your emotions. Discovering where they come from makes it easier to replace them with the above strong positive helpful believes.

What also helps is practicing awareness.

Being aware that there are people out there, making a living doing what you, love helps. Start looking around. Your goal exist. Seeing it or touching it is enough to keep you, feeling animated to keep you going.

Going out there and finding people will help you break through those negative thought beliefs. This helps me stay motivated about writing. I see people doing what I love as a living, so I believe making a living writing on a blog is possible and real.

Secondly, learning about success knows you are in it for the loooong-run.

When we talk about success, you have to be aware that whatever it is you are doing in life it is till the cows come home. Especially dealing with becoming someone in life.

Being comfortable with the idea of success as a growing, and developing over time rewires your head. Bill in your head that you are taking at least two to five years to take off.

Learning to be patient is the game of life. Seeking things to come quickly is baloney.

If you are falling short on tolerance, drill in your head this one too. Would you slave away 40 years of your life to be a broke loser at the end or work your ass off two to five years to build the freedom you yearn.

Success gives many privileges.

Do you want to be successful and rich?

As of today, I have not seen unhappy successful wealthy people complain about being at the top. This is my blueprint. I see people living in nice houses, driving fancy cars and living a life of freedom because they are working on it every day around me.

Therefore, the quality of your mind, your thoughts are the quality of your success.

What you are feeding your body holds true too. Desiring a great body means feeding it great food. The mind is the same.

The world is only rewarding those who feed themselves the right beliefs and attitudes. Thinking you can handle more, you will receive more. Feeling unsuccessful will grant you that wish too.

Believing success is in the diplomas you are holding in today’s age is bull-cow. The true indication of success is lying inside your head. Many of you are probably thinking diplomas matter, but success in their terms who are succeeding in life without degrees or preparation, strive in life differently with encouraging, strong, different belief systems.

This is the time to start using a different blueprint.

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