What Are the Things That Stand Between You and Your Dream Life.

Ricardo Ortiz
Aug 24, 2017 · 3 min read
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The only thing standing between you and your dream life or goal is you. Nothing else. There is no one in this world holding a gun to your head telling you what you cannot become or achieve for yourself.

Let’s look at some things that get between you and the life you deserve.


Your thinking has an influence on how you achieve your goals. It’s interesting to see how some people believe that their way of thinking will get them there despite failing. There has to be a special way of thinking to achieve ones goal. One must be keen, smart, resourceful and persistent. We must carefully see how our way of thinking is blocking us from achieving our life goal.

Our way of thinking sometimes is not healthy. We become obsessed on minor things and lose focus on our goal. Perhaps what we need to develop in ourselves is the ability to focus. How many of us are lost, lack concentration or completely somewhere else. We are bombarded with so much information it distracts us easily from the one thing we want to achieve most in life.

We even get lost about time. We are so distracted by other things in life we forget our goal. Our memories are so fragile and forgetting that we forget what we has for breakfast this morning. We cannot relieve on this type of memory to achieve our dream life. We must find a way to remind ourselves constantly and daily what our mission and purpose in life is. I even tend to forget my goal in life and have to constantly remind myself what it is and if I am doing it.

How many of us have forgotten to continue on our goals. This is another discipline we must develop within ourselves. I share this with you because we don’t write our goals down, we don’t repeat them over and over in our head and rely on a memory that it’s only instinct is survival and not to remind you to work and achieve your goal. That is not the job of your brain. You are the one that needs to remind yourself over and over what it is you want to accomplish in life and take maximum action towards it.

No one in this life time will do it for you. You have to start moving your own weight and see that you can do it. Do not wait for someone to come and rescue you. This is another obstacle that is between you and your goal. Do not depend on another and find a way to build your own well and never run out of thirst.

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We have many people in this world not willing to take action and create the life of their dreams. They are afraid or cowards. They say businesses are for the brave and courage for the bold. Perhaps this is what you need to develop. How bold are you to risk creating your dream life. Are you willing to sacrifice what is necessary to become the person you always dreamed?

Nothing is standing in your way but your own way of thinking about you and your actions. When are you going to start picking up your own two feet and start building that life of your dreams? The only thing standing in your way is laziness, action and start.

Sometimes that is the only thing you need to begin living the life of your dreams.

What are you waiting for? Start actionizing! < — — — is this a word?

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