Final Friday in April

Will have to keep today’s entry shorter because it is almost 12:00pm and I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Still have time to run through the highlights.

Was well into the morning by 7:45, coffee was brewing (always a highlight) and received a renewal notice from GoDaddy on domains that belong to our client. They were not too concerned by it was getting annoying thinking they had vanished into cyberspace. All is good though and apparently you can run multiple user accounts from one email on their platform. Weird but a glad to get that resolved.

At around 9:00 had a morning chat with Gaudy who was recognized again at her morning networking event. She is the blossoming star of TheCrownsmenShow. Always exciting seeing the recognition happen more throughout B.C.

At almost 11:00 (10:52am exactly) we got confirmation that one of our potential clients will start the consultation with us by mid-May. This is an example of patience because we first spoke to them close to two years ago. Patience and consistent follow ups plus going to networking events within your target area will almost always pay off.

At 11:30am had a call with Jerrod and found out him and Augie (Augie is our VP of Sales for Crownsmen Partners) are close to getting another sale done after Augie met with them Thursday and Jerrod had another meeting this morning. As an owner there is nothing better when you can taste the growth that is coming and the whole team is firing on all cylinders!

Unfortunately that is all for tonight but if there is time tomorrow will try and recap the rest of Friday and get into the events of Saturday including exciting details on what pattern I may use while mowing the lawn.