WTF is A Social Game Show?

Rory Geoghegan
Nov 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Game shows are more fun together. Be it trivia, Family Feud or Name That Tune, it gets better when you play it with friends. There is a lot of (justified) excitement about interactive game shows on mobile these days (think HQ), but we believe these games stay fresh over time if they’re played together with other people. This is a key concept behind our recently launched app, called WTF. Only a few weeks after launch, I’m glad to see the hypothesis is proving true.

WTF is a daily pop culture game show app, and the second app on the Props Network. Games are played live every weekday at 6:00pm ET. Players can create teams of up to three players, and work together to answer multiple choice questions asked by the show host and win crypto prizes. If at least one person from the team answers every question correctly, everyone on the team wins. In WTF you’re is as smart as your smartest friend.

We’ve always strongly believed that allowing users to play in teams would be critical to the app’s success. Playing in teams was modeled off the concept of pub trivia (or quizzo). In pub trivia, every week at a certain time and location (often a bar), a team of friends meets to compete against others for cash prizes and often some free beer. Like in pub trivia, the thesis behind team play on WTF is:

  1. As playing in a team improves chances of winning, more people will invite friends to join and play with them.
  2. Team play is more engaging and fun and will cause users to stay longer on the app.
  3. Social loyalty: if your team wins, you are more likely to want to play with the members you won with.

While it’s still early days, we’ve already started to see some strong trends supporting this thesis:

Since launching WTF, our metrics have shown a significant disparity in watchtime between those who play WTF in teams vs those in play on their own. We found on average users who play in teams would watch the show 52% longer than those who don’t (see above chart).

Based on these metrics we made a conscious effort to promote team play and focused our engineering efforts on making it as easy as possible for users to find their friends and play in teams. We’ve been able to drive the average watchtime on the app as a whole over a few weeks as a result.

What’s next for WTF?

Our next major release will feature the ability for users to earn extra lives by inviting friends. Extra lives can be used once per game and will provide an advantage for users, especially those playing in teams.

Until Props are released, WTF will continue to reward users in ETH. We look forward to replacing ETH with Props and introducing additional unique Props utilities to WTF in 2019.

Rory Geoghegan

Written by

Product Manager @ YouNow