Why games will be free in the future.

We live in a digital age, let’s face it. Most people can’t go anywhere today without their smartphones, and believe it when I tell you, many companies have profited from that fact. You may wonder how does a company profit from “free” apps/games? Well it’s simple, with advertising.

Advertising networks such as “Google Admob” offer the opportunity for companies to advertise inside other applications. The companies pay for ad space whether it be a video, animated image or just simple text, companies are willing to pay high amounts on this type of advertising because it’s so effective and the company doesn’t really have to pay that much per click on their ad space.

Now you may ask, what does this have to do with console video games? Well this is where my theory comes in for the future of video games. If networks such as Google Admob for apps and Google Adwords for websites allow the publishers to have a good, sometimes fantastic income why can’t the same thing be done with games for consoles such as Xbox or Playstation? Many gamers are willing to pay $70-$80 more or less for just one game, after that comes the DLC’s, the expansions, etc. The problem is that not everyone can afford that, which means that some games don’t get purchased just because of the extreme price of the game.

What if Google Admob could be adapted for console games, just imagine if companies were to release their video game as; The freemium game, which comes with advertising built inside, and the payed version which doesn’t have the advertising for the gamers who are willing to pay for an ad-free experience. This would mean that the game would be available for everyone. And for the developers, it would mean an extra revenue stream and a larger user base. Benefiting the gamer and the developers.

I’m not entirely sure what you think of the idea, or if it’s already being done on some console platforms, but it sure is a great idea.