I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

As an AMAB man of nearly fifty who had solved the issue of feminist separatism many years before many of today’s AMAB women were even born, thank you for writing this article and taking the stance that more and more AFAB women are daring to take publicly. There is enormous peer pressure for young people to conform with clique norms, and AFAB girls are conditioned to this from childhood in ways that AMAB women either cannot or will not understand.

There are plenty of jealous and petty and mean and misogynistic people in the world, of all assignations and genders, almost none of whom has any insight into their own jealousy and savage, petty misogyny. There are misogynistic women and too many misogynistic gay men, and all too often they get a “pass” because their misogyny and desire to control AFAB women is not the familiar chauvinism of AMAB men.

Your voice is an authentic one and deserves to be heard. Thanks for having the courage to use it, knowing full well what sort of hurtful resentment it may trigger from those who would deny or ignore it to center their own.

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