Rory Brown Jr., Creator of Fish!t, Talks How Fishing Enthusiasts Can Do Their Part To Sustain The Environment

Rory Brown Jr.
Jul 12, 2018 · 2 min read

Fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts sometimes get a bad rap from environmentalists and animal rights activists who charge that their activities are bad for the environment and dangerous to those who share our planet. In some cases, the fishing enthusiasts themselves have added to the problem–being careless with their fishing gear, using the wrong nets, and keeping fish out of season or not within the regulations.

Whether you are new to the world of fishing or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, you can push back against the critics and prove that fishing can be good for the environment. Responsible fishermen help to regulate the balance between different species of fish, thus improving the health of the entire ecosystem.

If you want to fish responsibly, you simply need to follow a few rules of the water. Here are some essential things to keep in mind the next time you pick up your fishing rod and head out to the stream, lake, or ocean.

Know What to Fish For and When

Every species of fish has its own unique life cycle, and responsible fishermen know which species to target at each time of year. Fishing responsibly means knowing the local fish populations and acting accordingly.

Assess Your Equipment

Take a count of everything you bring to the water. If anything is missing, make sure you find it before you head out.

Only Keep What You Know You Will Eat

Feeding your family is a great side benefit of fishing, but you should only take what you know you will eat. If you catch a bounty of trout or bass, pick the best of the lot and throw the rest back for the next fisherman.

Don’t Destroy the Environment

As you make your way back and forth to the local streams and rivers, you will be traveling through delicate ecosystems. Be cognizant of those ecosystems and do your part by not disturbing them. Watch where you go and leave nothing behind but your footprints. Leave the environment better than you found it.

Fishing is a great hobby, and when done right it can actually be good for the environment. The license fees anglers pay get funneled into the local economy and into efforts to protect the aquatic environment. Outdoor enthusiasts also help to maintain the proper balance of species in the local waterways, improving the health of those waters and the entire ecosystem. By being a responsible fisherman, you can do your part to shed the stigma and push back against the extremists that threaten the outdoor way of life.

About the author: Rory Brown Jr. is a young American entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Creator of Fish!t, an IOS navigation app used to track and save favorite fishing locations. Rory credits his success to being passionate about fishing and technology and having the desire to build a community of like-minded Anglers. Based in Charleston, SC, Rory Brown Jr. will matriculate from Porter-Gaud High School June of 2019.

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