As we surge towards the idea of a fully-automated future, our views on the Arts have to change. Intrinsically the Arts are about the discovery around new aspects of being human and our humanity. This in turn fuels our thirst for knowledge and it’s subsequent application.

Before we reached Earth’s orbit we were writing about what it would be to float throughout the stars, before we left the ground we dreamt of flying across the skies, and before smartphones we gazed longingly at communicators and computer capabilities - and everything science fiction writers gifted us. Our innate creativity, a defining factor of us all, is responsible for our development; our past, present and future.

But Art has become a shadow of it's former self. Art presently cannot be Art without capital and the stability that it gives. Instead of blindly delving into the depths of the undiscovered human experience we halt to think of the feasibility of its creation and warp it to fit uninspired and inhibiting funding quandaries. This tarnishes any attempt at an authentic exploration of Humanity. Capital funded arts must by default ignore the idea of Art as a medium solely for human discovery as such is not pure art. Theatre, Dance, Poetry, Visual and Digital: These currently stand as not true Art but mere commodifications of art.

But still the future drives towards us relentlessly and without compromise. We see the approaching signs. A narrative that talks of the inconsistencies of the human work force. The scope, impact and benefits of AI. With that, the floor of our capital market falls out from underneath our feet. This will be the end of life as we know it BUT will be the re awakening of humanity's view to look back on itself and question our very being. Without the looming need of capital funded art or searching for philanthropic investments, artists are freed to explore the architecture of themselves by that dint of this, all of us.

The purpose of arts is to discover human conditions and humanity as yet unknown and commodified in society.

If we stand to move forward and reach beyond the stars.