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Design by committee leads to a diluted product vision and compromise on the key features. There are no two ways about it, there needs to be a decision maker. Someone must own the product, own the vision, own what you are trying to achieve.

It is always a fine balance, it is important to get input from all the key stakeholders – Sales, marketing, engineering, customer support etc. – but still someone has to be empowered to make the tough decisions.

Design by committee exists in many companies, rarely by design. …

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3D printing is rapidly gaining in popularity. It seems as though every week we hear about 3D printing being used in a new application; printing in metal, medical applications and even 3D printing houses.

While 3D printing is no longer a new technology. The increasing number of companies producing printers and new lower cost printers continuously coming on to the market are making the technology much more accessible.

3D printing is a design tool and one that is used extensively in the development of all types of products. The benefits of using 3D printing in the development process are numerous…

Medium adds audio versions of selected stories for members

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Medium has just launched a new feature which introduces audio versions of selected stories for Medium members.

I love spoken audio content. Over the last few years, I have found myself listening to more and more audio content. I enjoy podcasts and have switched to audiobooks for the majority of books I read.

Medium’s audio versions are currently only available for a handful of selected articles and these are only available to Medium members. I truly believe that the introduction of this new feature is a great decision and one that will help increase the number of paid members. …

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Product apps — Useful or Useless?

It’s no secret that mobile applications (apps) are increasingly popular and are often the accepted and preferred way in which people use and interact with services and products.

Most of us use apps on our mobile devices daily. When apps were originally introduced, they were primarily focused on being a convenient and quick way to use our favourite web services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google. Over the last few years, apps are more frequently being developed to allow us to control and interact with the products within our homes.

Apps have been developed for toasters, washing machines and even…

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