Men, Get On Board With Misandry
Jess Zimmerman


So this post made me realize that i kind of support the patriarchy. I Can promise you that i don’t want to, but its more of a “not wanting to be on the losing side” thing. I have not read into queer theory. i am a conflict studies and human rights major. I classify myself as a male lesbian, and im kind of joking about it but not really. I love the idea of being hit on, and i feel like in a state of affairs where “the men are dead, long live the men,” this will be a thing, maybe. Thats not the main reason why i want to see that kind of society though.

When i say i support the patriarchy, it is an unintentional thing that wears masks. Its one of these givens, like, work hard and you will do well. I guess it would sound in this scenario kind of like treat a woman right, with chivalry (or something) and you will has wumun.

What the fuck am i atcually trying to say. Okay. let me get into the pocket of my feelies so i can express it. Alright. So there is the whole “yeah this is maybe a bit far sometimes” thing. I volunteer at a food collective at my school that attracts some pretty forward thinking dudes like myself. And when we all chat theres this attitude where we can be vulnerable around each other. And im always one to encourage this because i see “the bros” like broken toys too. remember, i am a lesbian who is also a man. But theres always this third party, this expectation that our dads will see us and disapprove or something. Or that a misguided woman will come over and patronize us with lots of cooing and awwww look at you boys having your little pow wow together. This last thing serves the exact opposite function of what they intend because it makes us INSTANTLY snap back into the masculine role, even if we dont want to. So, and my guess is that you are, but we need to be on guard against those dumb bitches who passively support the patriarchy through ignorance too.

At first casual misandy really turned me off because, as dudes we are cultured to never be vulnerable. So we are reaaaally sensitive and the amount of hope we have is accompanied by twice the amount of looking over our shoulder for dad thing.

however, this isnt much to complain about compared to womens burdens, i am now looking at the rape jokes, and the system of cultural oppression of femininity. i am remembering than i am a man and i am empowered in my definition of masculinity.

Yeah, what do you mean by “kill masculinity”? how about, redefine it? We know you dont like soft men, who are just weenies. i think “take masculinity out back to be shot” is a overkill.

I do find casual misandry funny at this point. Most won’t. Most have no attention spans. Most are somnambulists.

so, what did i mean when i said “not wanting to be on the losing side?”

Love is going to win over fear. But often times we forget this. We think that there will always be violence, and its brutish father, war. and that there will be some apocalyptic nuclear war and that all of the progress we’ve made as a global order will be destroyed, doom and gloom and realpolitik will have been right all along.


Eventually, Love is going to win, and feminism is just an outcropping of this. In love you can be vulnerable, and lovely movements like the feminism one can thrive and realize their objectives. But its scary, thinking about these things not being realized innit? theres this sense of not wanting to be duped.. wanting to at least being on the side that was right all along, the enlightened cynics. its a problem.

But, Love is going to become the default mode over fear, ladies and gents.

There will be a day where our great great great x whatever grandchildren will wake up and not need coffee to motivate themselves, they’ll have work they love. the drudgery will be over. We’ll be able to be naked in public. There will be an order based on the rule of law that actually works for everyone. People will just be chill.

I love you all good vibes XO

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