Dirty Bones Mac Daddy burger

Brisket & dry aged steak burger topped with pulled beef short rib, mac & cheese and burnt onion & ale BBQ sauce.

This is a throwback Thursday to a review I wrote almost exactly two years ago (so please excuse any inaccuracies)…

Now I have been excited about this burger for quite some time. Macaroni cheese in a burger? What is not to like about that? The mac n cheese was exquisite – thick, creamy, fantastically cheesy, and topped with a Cajun sprinkle. The pulled beef brisket, dunked in BBQ sauce was so smokey, you felt that it had come straight out of a New Orleans BBQ, whilst not making the mistake of being overly sweet as many BBQ sauces make or overly salty as many briskets make. The patty was pink, juicy and well seasoned.

Having said all that, this burger could have been improved. The issue with the mac n cheese was that half of it fell out of the burger, so by the end of it, I was just eating a plain hamburger. It will come as no surprise here, but more cheese was genuinely needed here. I would also recommend a smokey paprika mayo slathered onto the bottom bun to compliment the smokeyness of the brisket and to provide some additional moisture to the palate.

Overall, this was a really good burger, however, I just felt that with some slight additions, it would have been a great burger!

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