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Both beef & lamb, topped with BBQ ground beef, smoked cheese, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomato

It was with a feeling of slight trepidation that I ordered this burger. I am hesitant about Lamb burgers in general, but a patty consisting of both beef and lamb? Surely two such bold, robust and highly contrasting flavours couldn’t combine harmoniously. However, as it was advertised as winner of the National Burger Awards 2017, it was simply imperative that I tried it.

Get your napkins out guys and gals, because this bad boy is one hell of a messy bastard. The sweet brioche bun, and the hearty leaf of lettuce, has a minimal effect in containing the lashings of BBQ ground beef, melted cheese and chipotle mayo.

The patty was a slight disappointment. With so many strong flavours vying for the attention of your taste buds, the lamb was somewhat lost in the chaos, and as a result, felt a trifle unnecessary.

I found it hard to put my finger on the chipotle mayo. It had a strong, almost citric tang, which complimented the smokiness perfectly at times, yet at others the tanginess got lost in amongst all the other strong flavours.

The coup de grace was undoubtedly the BBQ ground beef. Essentially an American style chilli, but with a massive injection of smoke, it tasted as though it had been cooked in a camp fire, and if that wasn’t enough, it was covered in the smokey cheese, which oozed right through it as it melted. What a treat!

This burger was messy. It was smokey. It was gluttonous. It was cheesy. It had almost everything you could want in a burger, but for me, it felt as though there was almost too much going on. Perhaps I’m overly critical of the lamb element, but I think a simple beef patty would have sufficed.