The Big Thing

On graduating from a Final Frontier

I’m graduating high school right now. This is apparently a Big Thing.

There’s a vast assortment of assemblies, congregations and parties that have notified my brain that this is a Big Thing. Of course, the fact that I’m sitting in my bed as the clock strikes 10:30 writing about it probably tells you as much. Those much reviled Rose-Tinted Glasses have been administered to brow.

I like to think that my perspective on higher education is a little more nuanced than a John Green novel or The Perks of Being a Wallflower. (Actually, now that I think about it, I might be wrong. Both of those guys had actually finished high school.) I mean don’t get me wrong, high school was as good for me as it was bad. I learned a lot there.

I learnt about friendship and all the crap that you actually *are* sick of reading about in YA-chick-lit. I learnt about that kind of crap because it was the only thing that populated the sheet-metal shelves of library halls. But, y’know, I am thankful for all the friends I made along the way. I’m thankful for the sport I got to play (despite how mediocre my career actually was). I’m thankful for the floodgates that opened onto my cranium over the past six years

Do you remember Wile. E Coyote cartoons? What am I saying, of course you do. Well, right now it feels like I’m floating on air. But not in a good way. It’s almost as if any hesitation or doubt will make me crash.

You know who it is

Wait, I need to take my mind of this. That’s the thing about The Big Thing, it feels like half the time I’m falling and I don’t even know it. Ok, let’s do an exercise. I’m going to list everything that I *actually* learnt over the course of my six-year higher education. Ready, go!

1. Um, I learnt that Spotify existed. That was pretty tight. 
2. Leading on from that. Frank Ocean might indeed be the coolest human being on the planet.
3. I learnt how to actually read. No, I didn’t come into high school unaware of how the letters made sounds, duh. But it was the place that taught me what art was actually about, something I’m going to treasure forever. 
4. But most of all, and this is the thing I’m most happy about, I learnt that I’d barely scratched the surface. Soon, I’m going to graduate (thank God) and all that stuff that I just mentioned is going to seem trivial.

All the authors, filmmakers and musicians that have coloured my mind over the last six years are going to be dwarfed by what’s coming next.

And honestly, I can’t express how excited I am about that.

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