Introducing the Gifs Player and

Every day, GIFs are being created and used to deliver engaging content — from news, to sports, to art, to humor, gifs are used more and more. Gifs, long a mainstay of the web, have greater potential than ever before. That’s why today, we’re announcing the official launch of and the GIFs Player. With funding from Biz Stone, Binary, Foundation Capital, and 1517 we are bringing gifs into the 21st century.

Click back to Psy’s twitter, or click full video — you’re in for a treat

Today, we’re excited to introduce the GIFs Player, a better way to deliver GIFs that is orders of magnitude lighter, links and drives traffic back to your social media or any website, links back to the source video, is incredibly easy to share, and is shipped in the modern GIFs Player embed — a beautiful, and useful upgrade for gifs everywhere. Also, it makes GIFs beautiful — on mobile, web, tumblr, twitter, and beyond, the experience is stunning.

We’re happy to see the GIFs Player used by early adopters including writers at CollegeHumor, BleacherReport, BroBible, HuffingtonPost, and other award-winning media properties.

You can use the GIFs Player to:

Hit ESPN! Bam — you’re at ESPN looking at all of Ronda’s awesome wins

Drive traffic to rich content

When you make a GIF on or convert an existing .gif to deliver via the GIFs player, you can link that gif to drive traffic to your site. A movie trailer will use the GIFs Player to link their gif to fandango for viewers to buy tickets. A news site will use the GIFs player to link back to their full media article for viewers to read the full story. People who see the GIFs player, on facebook, tumblr, twitter, reddit, or beyond, will be able to click and go to the destination of your choice.

GallowB is a famous redditor — now all his content can link back to him — or wherever he wants. Just convert any .gif to the player!

Grow and engage your fanbase

Whether you have an existing following, want to get credit for the GIF you made, or want to drive traffic to your social media profile, the GIFs Player gives you the power to link to you. When you link to your social media via the GIFs Player, people will be linked and driven back to the social media of your choice.

Hit full video! Did I mention it plays on tumblr, twitter, and beyond?

Capturing the attention of video viewers

You have the power with the GIFs Player to click watch full video and view, inline and beautifully, the full source video the gif came from at the GIF start time. The GIFs Player acts as a great preview to full video content — no misleading thumbnails, no extra fluff — only one great click through.

Using the GIFs Player is easy

  1. Go to and choose to create your own GIF, or convert an existing .gif
  2. add your social media links or destination website to your gif and hit save
  3. share your creation: post to tumblr, twitter, facebook, reddit, or embed on your site — with the GIFs Player, everything will play seamlessly
  4. Your gif will now link back to your content

We’re incredibly excited about the future of this gif player with all it can do and say in such a simple, lightweight way. We have a dedicated office in the heart of San Francisco. If you want to join us in bringing gifs into the 21st century, please get in touch — we’re hiring!

In the coming days, keep an eye out for the GIFs player and engage by discovering great articles, videos, news, creators and more.

Want to drive traffic with your gifs? Feel free to reach out:

boom — let’s get giffin

❤ many thanks to Biz for edits and the many people who support our gifs project

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