The most common thing people ask me when I tell them where I work at is: “Isn’t that a drink?”, and I can’t really say I blame them. If you were to ask me that before I found out about the site, I’d have thought it was a drink too. But no, it isn’t a drink, it’s quite far from it.

I’ve been working there for nearly two months now, but I still can’t quite put my finger on what exactly my workplace is. On the surface, it’s a start-up company. A small, rag-tag band of misfits trying to take over the world. I know, I know, it sounds kind of like the plot to a cringeworthy cowboy movie, but I digress.

It’s an interesting environment to say the least. I interned at a newspaper once but this is a whole nother ball game. In the newspaper, everything is set in a grid, where you have a fixed process for where your story goes and how exactly it is you can write your story. The working environment felt very much the same too.

This is nice in the sense that there is order in chaos. There is structure, but with structure, comes rigidity — something I just needed a break from. There is a time and place for structure in one’s life and when I’m in need of that again, perhaps I’ll return, but for now I want to be Bambi — prancing around in the wilderness without a care for conformity. I’ll admit, I never really watched Bambi, so forgive me if my anecdote is incorrect.

Where I work now though, it’s almost the complete opposite. The shift from college and internship experiences was so jarring that I spent the first week huddled at my desk with my face buried behind a 13" laptop screen.

I was like Olaf before Elsa gave me life. Again, I never really watched Frozen, so…yeah. Perhaps I should start drawing anecdotes from movies I’ve actually watched instead. Then again, I’ve never been much of an artist.

Now, I have a lot more freedom. It’s a lot more fun to push boundaries and really stretch my creativity to find new ways to engage the readers. It’s all about creating your best work yet and that, my dear friends, is a fucking tall order. And I love it.

So, perhaps it isn’t just a start-up company. Maybe what it is, is a canvas. A raw, gridless, lineless, unadulterated piece of white — and in my hand is a marker.