“How much money must I give to justify getting a dog from a breeder?”
Ester Bloom

I will be buying a dog. From a breeder. I have ZERO guilt.

I have looked at shelter dogs for the past 3 months. I have a toddler, am trying for a second child, and am intending to have a few more after that. Problem 1: 3 of the 4 shelters in my area will not adopt any dog to a family with kids under 5. Problem 2: the remaining shelter has ZERO idea how the dogs were socialized, whether they’re ok with kids, whether they’re used to kids, whether they’re likely to nip or bite if a kid does something unexpected… most dogs are FINE with kids, but forgive me if I lean towards the cautious side of setting my toddler loose next to 120lbs of muscled teeth. Problem 3: the shelters around here are pretty straightforward: they rarely get puppies.

That said: I will be buying a dog from a well-maintained, ethical breeder that doesn’t overbreed dogs, that switches out ‘breeding’ animals every few years to ensure genetic diversity, that socializes all their dogs with a variety of humans (especially children!), etc. Warning: these breeders exist. Expect to spend about 2K on a German Shephard, and there’s a waiting list that can be several years long.

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