Personal History:

  • Eric runs Metaverse (Public Blockchain), is the CEO of the Metaverse Foundation and ViewFin Consulting, which owns more than 10 companies, including ViewNodes, ViewDam, VFMG (ViewFin Media Group), Finwise Summit, to name a few, and Eric is committed to continuous progress and developing a robust ecosystem for blockchain
  • Having a background in Financial System Architecture, he first developed a financial matching engine at age 16 and first bought stock at age 18
  • In 2014, he and co-founder Michael Jiang established ViewFin, a fintech consulting business that incubates promising companies in the financial services and technology industries by leveraging…

The real world is a harsh place, even in 2045 in the story of Ready Player One. The only time that Watts feels alive is when he discovers and settles in the Oasis. Society spends most of its time ‘living’ in this virtual universe. What made it distinct is that there is no dead end in the Oasis; it is varied based on users’ imaginations. Everyone in the Oasis can create any avatar they want. …

On February 20th, 2019, the directors of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association were invited to participate in Metaverse’s workshop— “Blockchain+” Innovative Technology Solutions. Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association (SHBTA) was highly interested in this event hosted by Metaverse, and we invited experts from the blockchain industry to discuss innovative solutions for the blockchain industry. The board members of SHBTA in attendance are from Shanghai Longchuang Technology, Junyi Holdings, Matrix Yuan, Shanghai Tongyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Chain View World, SAIC Group, Qiongge Information, Shanghai Distributed Information Technology, Ernst & Young, Shanghai Jijin Asset Management Co., Ltd., …


The blockchain industry is currently plagued by several problems: ERC20 token standard is not sufficient for current development on diversified financial instruments, lack of basic blockchain technical literacy — Solidity, and the risk of having bugs in smart contracts. Recognizing these issues, the Metaverse team coined the Metaverse blockchain design in its technical foundations with room for applying financial products, many of which are beneficial for the secondary market.

The solution to address these challenges is using Metaverse to issue tokens and to manage future operations on tokens. It provides flexibility for the secondary market directly on chain without…

On November 23, Metaverse’s business partner ViewFin attended a full day conference — — “The Unveiling Ceremony of Yangtze River Delta & Shanghai Blockchain Applied Technology Association” hosted by the National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center ( and Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association (SHBTA).

It is also worth mentioning that in the first “China International Import Expo”, the regional integration of the Yangtze River Delta was promoted to operate as part of a national strategy. Shanghai Stock Exchange was announced to establish a science and technology board and a pilot registration system, which is prepared for blockchain entrepreneurs in Shanghai.

All of these…

Rosa Li

PR Metaverse

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