Assignment 1a: Summary of the project brief

Sparkling Curious Fabulous ……. and gracefully Slow


CT is expanding its business to include photography services. The new business is CP. The website look and feel needs to demonstrate broad photographic expertise and, at the same time, not be daunting for inexperienced photographers.

Client requirements and goals

CT’s business is science and ecology oriented travel. CT partners have a long photographic history and a significant stock of ‘own copyright images’. CP will provide photography services, including coaching.

CT has a website. CP will have a different look and feel, but be linked from the MAIN MENU on CT webpages. The look and feel will demonstrate photographic expertise and at the same time not be daunting for inexperienced photographers.

They want a booking function, a contact function, possibly a calendar function (and fun widgets). They need a way for social media feeds to actually link dynamically to the website.

Target Audiences

Target audiences:
• Amateur and inexperienced photographers who like to photograph outdoors and when they travel.
• Likely to be over 30.
• Tasmanian or visiting Tasmania

Technical requirements

They want social media feeds to appear on the website and if possible a way of managing several social media sites at once. (Hootsuite has been mentioned.) They need to maintain the website, so a CMS will be best. I have investigated options in relation to CT’s current web host, GoDaddy they do support WordPress.

On the server side, I will use XAMPP and associated Apache server software with MySQL Database and php scripting.

Market research

CP has a crossover between travel and photography businesses. Websites in this space tend to emphasise spectacular photography and exotic locations.

The challenge for this website is to be spectacular and at the same time fun, friendly and accessible to inexperienced photographers. It is hoped that this ‘feel’ can partly be achieved through the social media connections.


A CP website with a Main Menu: Home; Shop; Coaching; Assignments; About/Us; Calendar, Booking and Contact. Social media will include an Instagram feed to the Homepage. Minimum functions will be email, booking, calendar.

Assignment 1b: Social media options


CT has social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Linked In. CP provides an opportunity to integrate social media strategy and the new business strategy and keep the website fresh. CT does not currently keep any of the sites very active


Social media links seem to be a minimum requirement for a website. In their favour:
• basic links are not hard to achieve
• social media surfing appears to be rapidly overtaking web surfing in popularity, providing a wider audience
• they enable spontaneous and informal interaction, encouraging visits.

On the other hand:
• they are disappointing for customers if not renewed regularly
• they are a time and effort drain on business resources
• some types of business may not gain much by investing in social media.

Use of social media on websites

There seems a variety of ways to add social media. The buttons in the footer of go straight to the page (except Facebook). This is good. I am also wanting to display Instagram posts direct to the webpage. 
On JB Hi Fi and many other sites you have to get to the social media site via a capcha, e.g. for Facebook. This is annoying and mostly I don’t continue. I assume there is some way around this - Nike has managed.

My project

My discussion with the business suggests they really want to try a dynamic connection to a social media site, probably Instagram. I have suggested that they use buttons to all relevant pages and try a dynamic feed from Instagram to the Homepage. They may also want Vimeo/YouTube and SlideShare to put up videos and learning resources.

Assignment 1c: Design sketches

The following preliminary design sketches indicate the 3 basic page templates envisaged at this stage:

Home page and Coaching page (both scroll down 2 screens)
Assignments page (scroll 2 screens) + Shop & Us(1 screen) + Utilities pages

So this is how far I have got in the first few weeks. Lead on Marcus!

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