MCAP Token : The Road Ahead
Bitcoin Growth Fund

I have checked MCAP asset value in coinmarket cap. The thing to notice is that there is a huge difference in selling price of MCAP tokens in C-cex and Bitcoingrowthfund trading sites. The value of MCAP tokens in Bitcoingrowthfund is about 20 percent high as compared to c-cex. And when I tried to deposit my MCAPs in Bitcoingrowthfund, It shows deposit of MCAP’s as disabled.

I know where this is going. Bitcoingrowthfund market place is your in house exchange, where you sell and purchase your MCAP, outsiders are not allowed. And try to increase the price of MCAP as shown in coinmarket cap.

This clears the picture that why MCAP is not listed in Bittrex or Poloneix

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