To The Man I Love

“Through thick & thin, ups & downs, sickness & health, I will always be there for you – Your little sunshine”

We met for the first time on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You were in a red striped T-shirt looking all tall and handsome. You said hello, your warm smile had me feeling a weird but nice sensation. No. It wasn’t love at first sight then my dear.

We haven’t stop talking since, staying up till late. You were always the last person in my mind before I sleep and the first when I’m awake. We would bid each other goodnight and never fail to wish each other good morning.

We’re coffee buddies, each other’s motivation. You were my newfound best friend, I have many best friends but you were special. You were always there for me even till this day. I will never forget that Sunday when you waited hours to meet me. I knew then, you were more than special.

We weren’t sure about us, we were going with the flow. I enjoyed every second that I am with you. I gave you a peck on the cheek and thought that may have ruined everything that we had but darling, I never regretted it.

We are in love now. We are still coffee buddies, you are my best friend (the best of all my best friends), we are each other’s pillar of strength, I am your No.1 cheerleader. Your kind words, your support and your smile will always remind me that I will achieve my little dream one day.

Nothing is permanent. But our love story, wherever it takes us, however long its journey, will be nothing but a beautifully written one.