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The wrong kind of oracle infrastructure.

tldr: Given the high cost to providing constantly available, accurate data, we describe a strategy with a two layer arbitration system — a cheaper and more frequently used price feed, and a more expensive fallback system with stronger correctness guarantees. We concluded that the best oracle strategy will be a dual system where a liveness-focused and correctness-focused oracle are used in conjunction.

After a full morning of Oracle and DEX focused talks, attendees of Scaling Ethereum, including representatives from ChainLink, UMA, and MakerDAO, settled into a basement room of the University of Toronto for more productive conversation.

We tossed around a bunch of topics — what oracles are good for, steps in the process of getting information from off-chain to on-chain, what end users might be willing to pay for that process, and finally what makes a good oracle. We eventually found a framework we liked and distilled the landscape into two categories. …

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First places winners Charles and Ian (second and third from the left) with our three judges, Brad, Vash and Eric

Badger Blockchain and 100State’s Blockchain Incubator, 100Crytpo, put together an organizing team and with the help of MouseBelt Labs, pulled off Madison’s first blockchain hackathon! We were thrilled to see the variety in our 60+ attendees and had so much fun as everyone spent the weekend learning and getting excited about new technology.

Our grand prize winners, Charles Rosenbauer and Ian Norden, built a project called Solispidy (which you should check out on Devpost) and agreed to do a quick interview with me about their experience.

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Charles introducing Solispidy during the team’s demo

R: Can you tell me a little bit about yourselves and why you decided to show up? …

We are thrilled to be putting the finishing touches on Madison, WI’s very first blockchain hackathon and we’re hoping you’ll join us! The Madison Blockchain Hackathon is happening September 22–23 at 100State.

The event is co-hosted by Badger Blockchain, the University of Wisconsin — Madison’s chapter of BEN, 100Crypto, which is an incubator at the fabulous 100State, and MouseBelt, our title sponsor.

Students are eligible for free tickets, but we know that its also pretty expensive to get places, so we want to sponsor a couple of people from outside the Madison area.

To be eligible to apply:

  1. You have a valid student id. …

Bitcoin undeniably entered the mainstream. 2017 brought rising prices, Bitcoin futures, and more network traffic than ever. A year ago, Bitcoin was hardly discussed at the University of Wisconsin Madison, yet today Badger Blockchain, an educational organization on our campus, proudly claims several hundred members! As much as I’d love to attribute this to our cunning leadership, this is likely a result of the growing recognition of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

More than a dozen students will represent us in Miami this January for the North American Bitcoin Conference (and the above freezing temperatures!) with the support of the Blockchain Education Network. Badger Blockchain conducted weekly Whitepaper Wednesday discussions this fall, and hosted a number of speakers including Justin Ehrenhofer, a Monero contributor. Mirroring Madison, things are happening across Wisconsin, promising an exciting year ahead. …


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currently studying computer science and economics at the university of wisconsin madison but after that ??

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